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Thread: 32 years ago Powerslave was released

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    32 years ago Powerslave was released

    32 years ago today (September the 3rd 1984) Iron Maiden released what I personally consider their last Album of the old school Maiden style (Killers, Number of the Best and Peace of Mind), they changed drastically after it and now it might not seem the case but at the time Somewhere in Time was already a big departure from their more raw and heavy sound, Seventh Son was even more "light".

    It contains memorable tracks like Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Rime of the Ancient Mariner and the title track Powerslave and it was also the first time Maiden came to my home country (Portugal) and the only time they gave two shows in Portugal, never happened again and probably never will.

    The Artwork was also even more phenomenal and surpassed all the other previous Album covers and its still one of the most Iconic Album covers of all time.

    I wasn't a Metal listener when this came out (I was like 12) but I remember seeing T Shirts of the famous Mummy Heady Pose on long haired dudes on the streets, I only started to listen to Maiden the year after (85) and it was with Killers which was my first ever Metal listening experience and got hooked on them and in Metal from that moment on, but even not being aware of its release I find this to be one of Maidens masterpieces next to Peace of Mind, the guitar solos are amazing on this record and I love Back in the Village even though its considered a lesser track (dont know why...)

    extra info:
    32 Years Ago: Iron Maiden Unleash 'Powerslave'

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    Best Maiden album ever

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    It is my favorite Maiden album, and I have the Eddie-pyramid tattoed around my leg.

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    32 years ago...damn. Still one of my favorite all-time albums and the first Maiden tour I'd see - my mom actually took me to that show and WASP opened which was awesome as their self-titled was another huge favorite of mine at the time. Great times...

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    Iron Maiden is one of those bands that I just never liked or cared about, for whatever stupid reason, until fairly recently.
    Now, I can't get enough and im having a good time working my way through their history.

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    My fave Maiden album ...what a timeless metal gem ..hard to believe it's been 32 years
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