This guy doesn't tend to get mentioned along with a lot of the modern acoustic players that are getting increased attention recently. You guys should check him out still, because he's a favourite of mine. His command, composing and his inventiveness are awe-inspiring!

[VIDEO]]YouTube - Thomas Leeb - Desert Pirate - acoustic guitar tapping,[/VIDEO]

[VIDEO]]YouTube - Thomas Leeb "No Woman No Cry" Bob Marley fingerstyle cover[/VIDEO]

[VIDEO]]YouTube - Thomas Leeb - Grooveyard - acoustic guitar tapping[/VIDEO]

Plus, I've been listening to this for the past two days and I can't stop, so I thought I'd add it for good measure, not to mention I can't be arsed to make another thread.

[VIDEO]]YouTube - Andy McKee - Guitar - Tight Trite Night (Don Ross)[/VIDEO]