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Thread: Question for you "Older Guys."

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    Fantastic tone coupled with uninspired boring playing. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Not an old fogey like some on here, but to my current view is that I can differentiate between newer bands, but if you were to isolate their guitar tracks and play them saying "Who's this?" I'd be up shit's creek without a paddle.

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    Angel Vivaldi is the only young shredder that I'm aware of today that combines the talent + personality + image like the 80's guys.

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    I can't really tell them apart, tbh, with the exception of Govan. The rest (and I have listened to tons of it, since getting Apple Music) all run together. Back when I got into guitar in the early 90's, you could immediately pick out Vai, Satch, Nuno, Vito, etc. immediately. They all have a very individual sound. I don't really hear a lot of that anymore, IMO. Plini is interesting, in that it's a bit of like a Vai/djent hybrid.
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    Might be over-weighting the image thing a little bit...

    He did get an image later, but well after The Extremist.

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    To be honest the only "young Gun" that I can only know immediately who is playing and he is not even a Metal player its Nick Johnston and then maybe Govan and Tosin.

    Although I admire the skill of Vivaldi and Andy James Gus G etc... they arent really memorable to me. In fact I dont even like what Vivaldi or Gus G does, prefer to listen to Andy (solo his band sucks to me) if I had to choose between them. Marco is cool, but...

    They all are terrific players that for sure but sometimes being amazingly skillful is not enough for me to enjoy their music, like I cant enjoy 70-80% of what Vai does as well.

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    Yngwie or GTFO, never liked any of the other guys.

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    IMO, you've got to put things back into context. From Hendrix to Vai, it was a golden era of guitar heroes, an era when the phenomenon was building itself. Many guitar players had their own voice because they were building the whole guitar hero thing as it was happening and it was unprecedented. New sounds, new horizons. Today, that road has been taken a thousand times and it sound like there's not so much one can do to really improve the guitar thing (beside doing weird stuff la "Animal as Leaders", as an example). I agree a 100% that today "guitar heroes" are highly skilled but don't do anything memorable with it. It gets boring pretty quickly, IMHO.
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