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Thread: Question for you "Older Guys."

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    Question for you "Older Guys."

    Alright Gents,

    I have a question for you all.
    I know a few have been around for a while, have enjoyed many bands and etc over the years.

    I was just wondering if you guys had any opinions on what you make of the modern-guitarists in the Rock & Metal scene?
    Do you like many or not? And I mainly talking about the young-guns coming up. Not so much like Andy James, Guthrie Govan, Marco Sfogli, and etc.

    I know a lot of this will be subjective.
    But I want to hear what you guys think of young guys and what do you think would make more modern-guitarists appeal to you more?

    It can be stage performances, looks, sound. I am just curious. There seemed to be an "aura" about guys back in the day like Sykes, Vito, Lynch, Vai, Yngwie, EVH, Gilmour, Angus and I was wondering what those heroes did for you all and what are you looking to see come into Rock N' Roll & Metal again?

    Thanks guys and God Bless!
    If anyone has any prayer requests, need to talk, or have questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Feel free to message me.

    God Bless, Venator

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    Frankly, I don't care for much of what I've heard. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert but what I usually hear is technical proficiency and nothing memorable in terms of melody, licks, etc. Back in the day, you knew Satch, Lynch, Vai when you heard them but I don't get that now. Now get off my lawn.

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    IMO it boils down to the personality and image of the musician.

    A lot of the guys from the 80s shred era were all about being larger than life, to the point where they could've easily overshadowed the vocalist in the spotlight. Of course add to the whole excessive rockstar lifestyle from back then that barely exists now for the mid tier bands, it's easy to differentiate the old vanguard playing in packed arenas inspired by all the virgins in the crowd they want to deflower as opposed to the modern day guitarist playing isolated in front of a camera inspired by one virgin, namely himself.

    Granted that there's plenty of modern day guitarists that are chock full of personality. It's just that for most of the old guys raised with the classic almost 'gunslinger attitude' we may not find a lot of the new guys and their personality appealing. To use Guthrie as an example, obviously the old mentality is gone, but I like his 'dry Englishman wit' that he portrays both on and offstage, as it's humbling and keeps everyone grounded. It's a different kind of aura, but an aura nonetheless. Though he also has an advantage of playing live as often as possible.

    Part of the personality lies in the visual aspect, which I find often gets lost in the youtube crowd. The amount of faceless guitarists who, while play as note perfect and robotically as possible, they just stare at the fretboard with barely any effort on the visual point, thus being as charismatic as a doorstop. Any attempt in trying to do so, can lead to mixed results of either looking embarrassing or ironically awesome depending on the viewer's tastes. And there's a huge difference between a roaring crowd to a view count.

    There are some guys that transcend that for good or for ill. I only heard of Angel Vivaldi from these forums and youtube and he drips with unique personality. He also plays live often too. And there's the other guys who incorporate humor into their content, be it making silly joke faces, mocking the stereotype, dressing up as an anime maid or playing with a shovel... not my tastes personally, but I respect the effort in bringing their personality to the forefront.

    On the flipside, I'm sure there's a countless amount of facesless EVH clones from the 80s that never went anywhere because they had no charisma and personality whatsoever. These guys didn't have youtube so we weren't so exposed to it back then. It's not much different from today really. Trendy guitar player du jour followed by a legion of imitators, with very few ending with longevity after they transcend the trend.

    As always, personality and image are everything.

    EDIT: In terms of songwriting, my recent favorites come from the guys at G5 Project and G.O.D (Guitarists On Demand), where it's all about melody. Some I prefer over others but all have a great sense in making music that isn't just about showing off guitar technique.
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    The biggest & most obvious (to me) difference between guitar players then & now is "individuality". That's what actually put those guy's back then up there above & beyond the rest. They all had their own instantly recognizable & unique styles. On the other hand a lot of big name player's these days (won't name names) sound like Satriani & / or Petrucci clones to me & while I guess that's fine's not individual. They have the same vibrato/same licks (or derived), same sense of melody, same (or derived) tone, phrasing, "list of do's & don'ts" etc...they follow the blueprint & every little deviation is just that: little

    The thing is ..I don't (& have never) liked Satriani ..& Petrucci these days is (and has been for a long time) boring as hell, so their clones most 'modern guitar greats' obviously are'nt my thing either.

    Maybe not quite the same thing, but it's like death metal vocalists these days...they all follow the Mullen/Suffocation "standard" or "blueprint", while back in early 90's everyone had their own style/individuality ..Tardy, Reifert, Van Drunen, Chuck, Barnes, Petrov ..even Mullen the time everyone sounded world's apart from each other and did their own thing...their bands sounded different..guitar players..drummers ..everything.
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    I wouldn't say I am an 'older guy' but I do tend to like bands that have been about a while or bands that sound like they should have been around a while ago. Purely from a Death metal perspective there is a lot more focus on technique and playing a million notes and a lot less atmosphere in newer death metal guitar playing. One good thing is that its made more extreme music accessible to more people as its shown you don't need a bullet belt and patch jacket to play death metal but a lot of the new guitarists kind of miss the point of the music as a result.

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    Am I the only one not even knowing one of said coming up young guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by petereanima View Post
    Am I the only one not even knowing one of said coming up young guns?
    The only people OP named were people he said he's NOT talking about, so I've no clue who he is on about, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy View Post
    The only people OP named were people he said he's NOT talking about, so I've no clue who he is on about, either.

    To me Marco, Andy and Gutherie are the young guns.

    I will say that when I see young bands these days, the lead guitarists seem to have their sweeps, and taps, and technique down, but fail to do anything memorable with them.

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