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Thread: Finally, I can be one of those douches plugging his bands new songs! (thrash content)

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    Well, shit, this rules. The writing, the playing, the mix... I mean, I kinda expected that, but still.

    I generally don't get on with Marshalls, but that JVM sounds pretty good. Also, how were you micing up here? Relatively speaking I'm still new to the whole multiple mics thing, but even double-tracked it generally sounds so huge I feel the need to tighten the mix up somewhat. Quad tracked, two mics on the cab, would be overpowering I'd be afraid... Though, I guess I lose nothing by trying it...

    EDIT - shit, man, this is REALLY good.
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    You guys have counties? Cool.


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    I finally got the chance to check this out. I have to say this fucking rules.

    You guys are tight, the production value is excellent, the change-up in vocals is exciting and fresh, and I love what I hear as a melding of old-school punk, modern riffing, and intelligent writing.

    Just my opinion. Nice work.
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    2nd track is pretty sweet. Chunky tones!

    Does this mean Crowborn wont be reborn for a while? I still listen to those teasers you posted from time to time, such wicked riffs!.

    Cant wait for the Sunn T to be put in the AFX, thought it might have made this recent update... unfortunately not. Hopefully next time.. I really want to try the sim after hearing your recording. Though i did recently find a shop has one for rent at a very decent rate.. so ill probably grab that for a week or two when things calm down here.

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    I dig it, although there's something about the vocals that continually annoy me. Only listened to the first track in full so far, and I kept getting used the vocals and then even liking them....but then SOME quality of them would come back and I'd kind of cringe all over again. I can't put my finger on it though, just something I can't really get along with. ***BIG CAVEAT TO THAT*** I've never been a thrash fan, I can't stand 99% of thrash vocals that I've ever heard, so that might have a lot to do with it.

    That aside, the track overall is pretty killer. I love the riffs. Thrash is not typically something that I spend any time listening to, but when this gets released I'll probably be looking to add it to my library. Great stuff.

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    killer! "A Bitter Tomorrow" is super catchy

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    The vocals took some time to get used to, but the choruses on both tracks are what won me over.

    Music is (as expected), top notch.

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