Finally, I can be one of those douches plugging his bands new songs! (thrash content)

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Thread: Finally, I can be one of those douches plugging his bands new songs! (thrash content)

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    Finally, I can be one of those douches plugging his bands new songs! (thrash content)

    I actually finally released some music!

    Alright... it's not my typical idiosyncratic groove metal stuff that you're used to hearing from me, but I am in this band, so I did still release something, albeit not the project I've been working on for the last year or two

    A bit of background
    So anyway, we are Lower Than Bones - Originally a covers band, our M.O. being that we don't cover typical stuff (never the 'singles' from the bands we cover, more the fan favourites and album tracks). Spanning the whole 30 years of metal, from Sabbath to Lamb of God and everything in between.

    After 3 years of extensive gigging, getting popular quite quickly in the tri-county area due to no other bands doing what we were doing, it got to a point where we felt we were treading the same ground over and over, seeing the same faces, and kinda hitting the limit as to where you can take a covers band.

    So we discussed doing some originals, and since I've always been a songwriter (LTB is my first ever covers band after 18 years of guitar playing! I've only ever done originals) I whipped out a track to get us started. Then the other guitarist wrote lyrics and melodies for it, we gigged it, it went down so well that we thought fuck... let's do this! Worked on another track together, and now we're on our way to doing an EP.


    So here we are, the first two tracks off of what will eventually be a 4 track EP when the other two are done.
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    Cool shit dude! Glad your back on the wagon pounding out killer riffs

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    good stuff. The second track in particular

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    That rips, dude! Also that rhythm tone is moving some serious air.

    It took me a minute to get used to the vocals, but once the first chorus kicked in any reservations were gone.

    Also: Second song, 1:40 onwards -> 10/10, would mosh to.

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    sounds great! Quality production, it sounds just as clear and full as any major record. Sounds plenty heavy and decently catchy. I dig it.

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    Sick!!! Love it man

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    Sounds great

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    There's no mention of the gear and software in the thread title. Why the fuck would I listen to this? I'm not even sure if it's a mixtest, if I'm supposed to critique it, or what version of Superior Drummer you're using man. Get with the program!

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