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Thread: Discovering Kill Em All...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    I appreciate its place in history, but Kill Em All never resonated with me like the next three. I prefer the more advanced harmony employed on the later three albums to the NWOBHM influenced pentatonics of KEA.
    ^ perfectly stated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    I appreciate its place in history, but Kill Em All never resonated with me like the next three. I prefer the more advanced harmony employed on the later three albums to the NWOBHM influenced pentatonics of KEA.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oogadee Boogadee View Post
    ^ perfectly stated
    I should also add, I love NWOBHM, so I have no issue with the simpler sound, I just never latched on the NWOBHM by-way-of-the-Metallic-filter of Kill 'Em All.

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    I fucking love Kill Em All, it's probably my 2nd favorite of the 'big four' Metallica albums. The original version's production isn't even that bad, but the remastered version of it they released last year just makes it that much better; you still get the aggression and raw, in-your-face thrash feel.

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    This album always brings me back to 7th grade when my buddies introduced me to Piece of Mind by Iron Maiden and Kill em All. I love the intro for Hit the Lights, but the two most important things to me as a kid just thinking of picking up the guitar was kirk's speed and bluesy solos, and secondly cliff burton. besides pulling teeth, the sound of his bass in the mix to me, was so badass and critical in me wanting to start other bands. This album made me go out and buy the rest of the metallica albums the next day, which was way back in 91 before the black album. Cliff was so BA and this was the start of it to me.

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    My first exposure to Metallica was the black album and load as well. I did not really care for the band, but later in high school one of my buddies let me listen to ride the lightning and master of puppets. It was after hearing these two albums that I picked up kill em all and had a true appreciation for Metallica. No Remorse was my favorite song on the album and the first one that I learned to play on the guitar off the album.

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    I used to listen to Kill Em All all the time playing UT 2004 as a kid, I fucking loved that album, actually more than some of the other big name Metallica albums.

    But I'm a big fan of NWOBHM and James vocals on that one are pretty NWOBHM esque in parts.

    It's the 80s trope though of the substantially different first album, Def Leppard's first album ruled too.

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    I definitely prefer a lot about the albums that followed, but the sheer energy on Kill Em All alone is addicting to me right now. I'm a production NUT....and see TBA as the pinnacle of a metal mix, but man, the raw energy on KEA just gets me goin!

    I'm not sure if I've ever heard any old Def like that, thanks, Greg!

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    Kill 'Em All is actually the first Metallica album that I bought. I remember actually hearing Metallica on the radio all the time and finding it mediocre at best. Songs like Fuel, The Unforgiven, Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters, Hero of the Day, Until It Sleeps, and so on were just "okay." I never hated them, but I never really liked them either. Then one day I heard Seek and Destroy. And I didn't even know it was Metallica because it didn't sound anything remotely like what I'd heard on the radio. As soon as I found out it was Metallica, though, I looked up what album it was off of, went out, and bought it. That led to me buying Ride the Lightning (which is still my favorite Metallica album to this day), then Master of Puppets, and then ...And Justice for All.

    It's not my favorite Metallica album, but I prefer it to most of the stuff they put out in the 90s or later.

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