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Thread: Discovering Kill Em All...

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    Discovering Kill Em All...

    Gonna start this by saying that I got into Metallica when Load was released. I was 13 or so at the time and only gave a shit about David Gilmour, Eric Johnson and Alice In Chains....I saw the video premier for "Until It Sleeps" and loved the clean guitar part....that's what got me into Metallica.

    Fast forward....21 years? Sure, I've heard every Metallica record over and over since then...but didn't pay attention much to Kill Em All for some reason....I think it was the production...but I threw it on for shits and giggles the other day and fuckin' a, was the first time I felt 15 again in so damn long. There's so much credit that goes to Puppets and Justice regarding the guitars, but man....the fucking energy in these songs!

    I honestly feel like it's the early 80's and someone just handed me a cassette with this unknown band on it...I keep catching my Jeep rocking back and forth from drumming behind the wheel....I mean, seriously, "The Four Horsemen" riff? Come on!

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    It's the album I neglected the most too, and I think it was also the production for me. I barely know any riffs off of it, despite knowing the songs well. It just never gripped me by the throat like Lightning and Puppets did. It's too much of a 'prototype' to the sound I love for me to really delve into, lacks the muscle and swagger that the follow ups have. That's not to say I don't completely recognise its importance though, and I fucking love the opening to Motorbreath.
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    Thats how I discovered them... a poorly recorded cassette with Kill em All in one side and Ride on the other. Ride was my fav but Motorbreath, Whiplash and Seek & Destroy where total favorites and got repeated play... yeah.. back and forth on cassettes was a pain... kids today dont know how easy they have it

    Four Horseman is actually all Mustaine, he used that song on Megadeth first record and called it Mechanix, but I prefer Kill em All version by far even though Dave recorded version is actually faster:

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    Don't think I've listened to a Metallica album since they released the Black album

    But I loved Kill 'Em All back in the day. The first four were pure gold..all of them.
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    I appreciate its place in history, but Kill Em All never resonated with me like the next three. I prefer the more advanced harmony employed on the later three albums to the NWOBHM influenced pentatonics of KEA.

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    My Metallica fandom started in 1991, digging through my best friend's older brother-in-law's music collection. But, it was probably after the big hoopla of the Black Album came out that it was pretty much cemented. I'd heard the previous albums a bit, but I really latched onto the BA. From there, I started buying their albums in reverse. First AJFA, then MOP, then RTL, and then I picked up the apex of thrash, KEA.

    Imagine my utter heartbreak when I was standing (literally, standing) in the middle of the family room, in front of the TV, waiting for the premier of Until It Sleeps


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    Dude kill em all is the best!

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    Kill 'Em All is one of those albums I won't listen to for forever, but when I remember it exists I'll spin it repeatedly for a week. It rules.

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