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Thread: Been digging these guys recently

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    Quote Originally Posted by eleven59 View Post
    This is pretty solid. I could get into Whores.

    Interesting to see the road cases tagged with "Mr. Vai" and "Mastodon", among others.
    Vai auctioned off some old dressing room cases a couple years back, looks like they ended up here. I remember the first time I saw him, someone wheeled a case across the stage that said "Mr. Vai" to which my uncle immediately said, "That sounds like noise, Mr. Vai!"....the next day I went home and spray-stenciled all my guitar cases and back of my pedalboard with "Mr. Dampier", after my uncle came down and busted my balls for copying Vai, hahahaha.

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    I haven't listened to anything in this thread yet, but I'll say this for the band - they have great song titles.
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