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Thread: Look what I found (Rocka content)

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    Look what I found (Rocka content)

    Ive noticed he has been quiet here lately. I think I figured out why. It looks like he has been busy putting together a submission for Specture Sound Studios where you take a crappy song and do a metal version of it. I saw his submission today...


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    Well that ripped..

    Here's his full entry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scole View Post
    Well that ripped..

    Here's his full entry.
    That's as awesome as it is hilarious.

    I miss Ced a bit, I'd like him to be around here more often again. He could then also sell me his upcoming vinyl releases, so I don't have to use the PITA that is ebay.

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    That cover is awesome!

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    That cover is classic lmfao!

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    Published on 8 Apr 2017
    More like wanking on buttshite!!!
    Rocka please come back.

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    Fuck yes, props to the madman of MG.org!

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