My "Freebird" cherry has been broken: Shitty Gig escapades!

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Thread: My "Freebird" cherry has been broken: Shitty Gig escapades!

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    My "Freebird" cherry has been broken: Shitty Gig escapades!

    This past Friday we just played Nectars, which is a big local venue and we had a great turnout and a lot of interest in our band... and it was a seriously fun show. However, tonight was a different story.

    A friend of mine's work was sponsoring a benefit show for the local Women's Rape Crisis Center, and we agreed to donate a set. We are told it will be on Wednesday the 25th, and there will be two other bands playing. We are also told we will be fed at the show.

    Fast forward two weeks: suddenly one of the bands (the more accomplished one) drops out, and we're playing a longer set. Fine, no problem. But, the gig is also moved to Tuesday the 24th. This is the same day our drummer (who is still a student) has a midterm till 7:30.

    To make things worse, the other band (a bunch of sophomores from the local college) refused to let us backline off of their gear, as their drummer "just got an expensive new set and had it ruined by some hard rock/punk player and had to reskin it." I was not allowed to backline the bass amp because the bassist was worried that I might blow the speaker. Right.

    Fine. We haul all of our shit down to the venue, only to find out that the drummer changed his mind and will be letting us use his set. Great, there's 4 tons of drums we could have left at home...

    So, the first band sets up and starts playing, and their horde of tiny college student girls come up and start dancing to Greatful Dead, Phish, and Moe covers . Not great, but could be worse.

    Oh wait... the bassist breaks a string. He breaks his fucking D string playing fingerstyle. How the fuck do you do that? I hit the strings on my bass with a 2mm pick like I'm going to tear them off the guitar and he breaks one with his fingers. Nevermind. Well, of course he doesn't have a backup, so I relent and hand him my backup and they resume playing... although I cackle slightly, watching him lose his balance a few times, unaccustomed to 4 tons of P-Bass hanging off his shoulder.

    They finish up, and everyone just leaves. It's empty except for four people. So, we get onstage to this stunning reception, launch into our first couple of songs, get our levels settled, same old same old. The four people in front of us dance to the appropriate songs, but when we play one of our less danceable tunes one of the older women (quite obviously drunk) toddles up to the stage and squawks "Play Freebird!"

    I am literally speechless. "Yeah, play Freebird!" shouts her equally drunk partner. We're like, um... no. We're not even gonna play our hoedown (yes, we have one ) because the previous band ran so long we cut our acoustic set.

    So, we play like eight bars of Freebird, just enough to get her excited, then suddenly cut into the noise intro of one of our least 'accessible' songs. The rest of the show went rather un-stunningly.

    So, I've officially been "Freebird-ed" by a drunk middle-aged woman. Yay. There must be a club or something I can join now.
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    Dude, Freebird must be played. That is all.

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    My deepest condolances to you


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    Ah. There are days when I pine away about being in a band again, when all of a sudden, these memory joggers come running by to remind me.

    Sorry to hear about the experience.

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    most of the dudes i play with don't have the same rock and roll/classic rock background that i do. So when i start busting a riff or something they just look at me like i'm from another planet. When i lived in my home town i used to go over to my buddies house when his dad was having parties and jam on each different instrument with them to get my rock fix.

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