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    Porcupine Tree

    I have been rockin to these guys lately. I guess that could be classified as Prog Rock or Jam Band-ish.

    Fav CDs are:
    In Absentia
    Fear of a Black Planet

    Check em out if you guys are looking for some new tunes to listen to

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    Never heard of them...

    They're pretty much my favorite band. I saw them live for the first time this summer and it was bloody awesome. Even though it was a outdoor festival gig, the sound was amazing.

    Favorite CDs of mine are

    In Absentia
    Fear of a Blank Planet (:P)
    Stupid Dream
    Lightbulb Sun

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    im seeing them for 2nd time in a few weeks
    going to be filmed for their next dvd release too
    t'will be killer

    i once won 2 tickets to see an exclusive acoustic set but the venue pulled out... was gutted
    ah well
    but this show soon will rule

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    How many of you guys have heard their 5.1-mixed albums? They're REALLY interesting.

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    I love Porcpine Tree. One of my favorite bands. I'd really love to see them live some day, but I don't think they come to Texas very often.

    I haven't heard the 5.1 mixes, but I bet they're really something.

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    I'm not their biggest fan, but I do enjoy Porcupine Tree every now and then. I have heard Fear of a Blank Planet, Deadwing and In Absentia so far.

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    fear of a blank planet /// nil recurring has not left my car for over a year now. It's like a drug, that album is. I burned a copy for this girl that works at the coffee shop who listens to a lot of '70s rock because she thinks all contemporary rock is uninspired crap, and she was like

    How Steven Wilson & Co. have not got more exposure to the mainstream is beyond me.

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    I've accumulated a lot of their discography from eBay, a brilliant band indeed.

    I really like Voyage 34, it's an album I can just stick on and fall asleep to

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