so, i went to see Iced Earth last night

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Thread: so, i went to see Iced Earth last night

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    so, i went to see Iced Earth last night

    they played at the Palladium in Worcester, MA, with Into Eternity and Saviours.

    Saviours wasn't too bad, i thought...never heard them before, but they're kinda groovy/bluesy metal with some cool riffing....vocals were mediocre at best, though. one of the better openers i've seen at the Palladium, but apparently they're on the tour, so that doesn't really count. the mix was could hear most of the guitar stuff, but the kick drum was way too high in the mix.

    Into Eternity was pretty solid, from what i could tell. it took about 5 songs to get a mix that was even passable for them, though...started off with pretty much just kick and vocals (with some weird compression on the vocals that made them sound really bad and inconsistent with the level), and the only guitar you could hear was during the solos. eventually, they evened things out a bit, but it was still pretty blah. they played mostly stuff from The Scattering of Ashes and the new album (which i haven't heard) and maybe a couple songs from Buried in Oblivion.

    the Palladium typically has some of the worst sound i've ever heard, and it seems to get worse every time i go there...when i saw Testament in july, all you could hear was kick, vocals, and a bit of the guitar solos, and the subs were distorting. given the way the first two bands sounded, i wasn't really expecting much for Iced Earth. when they started checking Jon's guitar, though, i got the impression that it might actually be possible for them to sound decent. when they hit the stage, however, i could not believe my ears. have you heard Alive in Athens? it was pretty fucking close to that, sound-wise. everything could be heard, clearly. some of the best live sound i've ever heard at a metal show, and easily the best i've ever heard at the Palladium. they were super tight, too, and Barlow sounded great. i'm still in awe. i've been a fan for about 10 years now, and this was my first time seeing them live, and it was well worth the wait.

    Barlow sounded great on the Ripper-era stuff, as well, but a couple of the songs are clearly meant for Ripper's voice...but i think they work well with either singer.

    anyway, here's the setlist to the best of my recollection (and it's not entirely in order, either)

    Intro: In Sacred Times
    Behold the Wicked Child
    Motivation of Man/Setian Massacre
    Declaration Day
    Burning Times
    Ten Thousand Strong
    Vengeance is Mine
    Pure Evil
    I Walk Alone
    Watching Over Me
    The Coming Curse
    High Water Mark
    My Own Savior
    Iced Earth

    overall...pretty fucking awesome

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    We saw them at 930 when they came through DC, and they fucking crushed. It took them a song and a half to get the vocals in the mix, and the bass constantly put out this annoying midrange rumble their entire set.

    Barlow just destroyed 10,000 Strong. I was like, "Ripper who?"
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    They were down here in Norfolk before heading up to you guys, man I wasn't able to make it I really wanted to go

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    I saw them at Bloodstock this year, and it was one of the most awe inspiring performances I've ever seen. They were my first real metal band I got into, and I waited 7 years myself to be able to see them. Barlow is god, pure and simple.

    His performance on Ten Thousand Strong makes me unable to wait for the re-recording of Framing Armageddon, despite from any other point of view it seems wrong, but Schaffer likes to beat down on vocalists.....

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