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Thread: Best Pod XT Tones?

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    Best Pod XT Tones?

    Now I've solved my FBV problem (a plug came out in shipping) I've been having a blast with my Pod XT Pro. I'm absolutely kicking myself for buying the GNX4 over it all those years ago, the tones are so much better right out the box.

    Anyway, what's the best source for good tones for these? Is it worth shelling out for the model packs? Any other tips anyone wants to share? I plan to use it live and for recording.
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    I have the model packs (got them cheaply, so why not?) but the majority of the tones I use are based on stock amp models.

    I use most of these almost exclusively through headphones for practice, so some of these may not mesh well with your setup.

    I have a few main sounds (mainly used for headphone jamming, YMMV):
    Crunchy Metal Rhythm:
    Amp Model: Line 6 Agro
    Cab Model: (Bass Expansion) BX-1x18+12 Stadium
    Mic Model: 20 dynamic (Mic 4 for Bass Expansion)
    Room: 50%
    -Drive: Noon
    -Bass: Maximum
    -Mid: 3 o'clock
    -Treble: Maximum
    -Presence: 3 o'clock
    -Reverb: Dark Hall model, add to taste; usually at 0 to 11 o'clock or so.
    Noise Gate: -52dB Threshold, 12% decay (may need modding depending on signal chain)

    '80s Noodling (not recommended for live use; very little cut, but a lot of fun to play with occasionally):
    Amp Model: Line 6 Spinal Puppet
    Cab Model: 4x12 Green 25s
    Mic Model: 57 Off Axis (Mic 2)
    Room: 60%
    -Drive: Max
    -Bass: Between 2 and 3 o'clock
    -Mid: 2 o'clock
    -Treble: Between 2 and 3 o'clock
    -Presence: 1 o'clock
    -Reverb: Small Room model, add to taste; for '80s goodness, crank up as high as you like.
    Noise Gate: -57dB threshold, 2% decay

    Clean-to-crunch ambient tone (one of my favorites!):
    Amp Model: Blackface Lux
    Cab Model: 4x12 Brit V30s
    Mic Model: 57 Off Axis (Mic 2)
    Room: 10%
    -Drive: 1 o'clock
    -Bass: Between 2 and 3 o'clock
    -Mid: 10 o'clock
    -Treble: Nearly maxed
    -Presence: 9 o'clock
    -Reverb: Std. Spring, 1 o'clock
    Noise Gate: -80dB threshold, 0% decay
    Comp: -20dB threshold, 0dB gain
    Stomp Model: Classic Dist; Drive 23%, Gain 64%, Tone 20%
    Mod Model: Sine Chorus; 1.41 Hz speed, 30% depth, 50% mix
    Delay Model: Stereo Delay; triplet quarter note time, 75% offset, 38% mix

    For a very djent-y Meshuggah-style tone, I found this works pretty well with some experimentation:
    Amp Model: Line 6 Spinal Puppet
    Cab Model: 4x10 Line 6 (Sounds odd, but it works; also fun is the 8x10 classic cab from the bass expansion)
    Stomp Model: Screamer; Drive low, Gain about half, Tone to taste
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    I'm really sad, cause my POD XT PRO is broken at the moment. But that's my problem, then I'll solve it hehe

    I love to use the rectifier or the powerball model, the uberschall model is really sweet also. Set the bass and the mids really high and the treble in a point that you like it. Use a TS also.

    I love how it sounds going directly to the front of a tube amp. The tube amp gives you that crushing and live tone and the POD gives you the compressed, controled and tight distortion your looking for.

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    Yes, get the metal pack, it's pretty much useless without it. The main sound I'm digging at the moment is Mattayus 5150 sound that you can get from the other board. Team that up with Impulses and you're onto a winner

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    Hmmm... lemme see, I've been experimenting with a lot of tones, of late, there is so many models to choose from.

    - Obviously, the Big Bottom model rules for the Meshuggah type of thing. Download Bulb's tone and tweak from there. The main drawback is that the bass and mid controls are a really wide shelf EQ-wise, so the secondary EQ can be valuable here to tame it a bit.

    - The Criminal model is awesome, boosted with the Classic or Screamer. If you exercise a little caution with the highs and presence you can get some serious chunk out of it. Use more mids than you would with a real 5150 though. Right now, my main rhythm is a mix of mostly Criminal with the Big Bottom providing mids and some highs X3 Pro dual tone).

    - For leads, I've been really happy with the Plexi Variac'd model. It's everything dimed, then back off on the presence and gain a slight bit. Screamer model boosted, tone to 80% or so, gain and grit as you see fit.

    - The JCM900 and Soldano models are good to if you play around with them a bit too.

    - And remember to mess a lot with the cab/speaker settings they can make or break an specific amp model, and configurations that work with one don't necessarily work with another.

    This is all the advice I have for now.

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    Out of curiosity, how do you guys end up running your PODs through "impulses"?

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    Turn cab off, run Pod into interface, run host program that allows the use of impulses.

    I kinda miss my Pod sometimes.
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    Well I've got the models packs now, and I'm rocking some tones I downloaded. Interestingly, running the Uberschall lead & rhythm tones I found with their cab sims on into my Mesa 2:100 and then my Trace 3x12 cab sounds fucking awesome. The rhythm tone especially is insanely heavy, it really sucks the air out of the room with the thump. But in a really good way that'll work brilliantly in a band mix

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