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Thread: Practice amps, any suggestions?

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    Practice amps, any suggestions?

    Ideally I'm looking for something for a budget of around 100, I can pay a little more if needs be, but I don't want something mahoosive, just so I can cart it to my friends houses now and again when they want a bit of tutoring. I thought the Marshall MG50DFX was a bit big on the size side, so need something a bit smaller if you can get anything decent souding and smaller than that for about this price range? Cheers!


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    Roland Microcube, Peavey Vypr, used Line 6 Spider (I, II, III).
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    Ive heard time and time again the Roland microcube for guitar and bass.
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    Microcube is nice.

    If you can find one cheap, Boss GS-10. I loves mine.
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    I was very impressed with the Line 6 Spider 3, even in 15w form. Ok, it's never going to match a Mesa (or similar) stack for awesome tone, but it's miles better than most of the other offerings out there. Plus it has four channels.
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    Peavey Rage 158. have at 'er.
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