Tc booster + distortion pedal similar to Tc Integrated Preamp?

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Thread: Tc booster + distortion pedal similar to Tc Integrated Preamp?

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    Tc booster + distortion pedal similar to Tc Integrated Preamp?

    I can score one of those booster+ distortion pedals for a really good price, and im wondering if i should bite the bullet
    has anyone compared the two units and if so what were your thoughts? whenever im lucky enough to see an integrated pre go for sale, its all beat up and going for like 350 bucks, so im probably not going to end up with one of those
    however this one seems to have the same bass, treble and level controls, but with some extra features, so if i leave the extra features flat and put it in boost mode, i would hope it would sound similar...right?

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    you should ask around on some larger forums like harmony central, as there´s bound to be someone who has tried both of them on there :P


    the guy posted mp3 clips comparing the two (i think it´s the pedal you´re referring to), but the clips are down now. people seem to agree that the newer re-issued thingy is better though, as the tc integrated preamp is TOO cold and djenty :P

    i´d love to find some schematics showing exactly what the treble and bass knobs really do, like which frequencies they effect...
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