Anyone think that this combination would work well? I have the 4x12 right now with the Eminence speakers in it, and I'm most likely snagging a 2x12 from Skyze next week. Coop wants to sell me 2 V30's from their Orange to replace them with P50E's. I like the sound of my rig through his Orange cab with the V30's so I'm hopeful that I'll dig it through the Lopo 2x12 with them. My question is how well do you think these speakers would get along? According to Eminence, the characteristics of the Lil' Texas are:

Very balanced with crisp mids and top end bite. Tight bottom end, very
American tonality.
Do you have to worry about any weird kind of phasing issues (not sure if that's the word) when you mix cabs with different speakers? I figure I'd run each cab from a different channel in my TS100 so I can adjust volume separately to make up for any difference in volume/presence as opposed to daisy chaining them.

What do you guys think?