So, you haven't tried the MXR Smart Gate?

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Thread: So, you haven't tried the MXR Smart Gate?

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    So, you haven't tried the MXR Smart Gate?

    Why the fuck not? The range on these is incredible! I've used most suppressors now and this is the only one I'm finally happy with.

    I found the ISP to be too sensitive and wasn't very good at stopping blistering feedback when set to choke notes. As in, it would mute fine but sometimes live it would start feeding back and I wouldnt be able to stop it. But higher settings just wouldn't let any signal through properly.

    The Boss NS-2 is great but there just isn't enough range on the controls (threshold max decay minimum) and i kept feeling I had to turn the knob just further than it would go. (We've all heard that before )

    The Rocktron Hush Super C is great but obviously as a rackmount unit is a slightly different beast.

    You owe it to yourself to check one of these out. Unfortuantely, being a Dunlop, the only thing I'd say is buy the one you try or try the boxed one you will buy, because they keep letting faulty ones slip.

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    The QC is that bad?

    My G-Major has a pretty good gate on it, but then I don't play it much these days..

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    Fuck yeah bro!

    I use a Rocktron Guitar Silencer post-preamp for gating the amp. But I was having feedback issues, which is the point of the ISP Decimator ProRackG, to have one gate pre-preamp and one gate post-preamp. Now, when I tried the ISP, they didn't have the mod for the high gain settings, and so I sold it.

    I tried all sorts of gates pre-preamp, and the MXR was the only one that worked for the feedback. It works great!! Love it!

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    I actually had the opposite experience with mine... I returned my MXR and got an iSP. I found that the MXR couldn't handle the stacatto palm-mutes as well as the iSP. my effects loop is the ISP and an MXR 10-band EQ. too a a while, but i got the decimator set just right for my cleans and gain. Just wish the 5150II had a proper footswitch jack so I could configure my GT-8 to turn off the gate when I changed amp channels.
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