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    Option Knob

    Welcome to our Website : Option Knob

    I was browsing around on Youtube yesterday, and found some videos about this little stroke of brilliance. Probably the greatest idea ever. IDK though, $10 seems awful steep for what's basically a little piece of plastic. I would think you could just tape some scrap wood/plastic/whatever you have lying around for the same effect. Still an awesome idea though.

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    It's a nice idea, but you have to be really light with your feet to achieve what are you looking for

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    That 3rd Hand has been on my mind for a long time, I'd love to play around with one with various pedals. Would love to have on on the blend knob for my distortion in my bass rig

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    "Option knob"

    "little stroke of brilliance"

    gave me a chuckle
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