I'm selling my Roadster and buying a Stiletto II

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Thread: I'm selling my Roadster and buying a Stiletto II

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    I'm selling my Roadster and buying a Stiletto II

    This has been a while coming, although I haven't talked about it much. The gig last night was just sort of the logical conclusion.

    My buddy Todd (zerodc) has been letting me borrow his Stiletto. He's got about a billion amps, so I get a chance to play some cool stuff, and he gets some hardware out of his cramped apartment. So, that is how I came to have the Stiletto in my possession for the past few months. I also had his Splawn Quick Rod.

    While Mike was off recording vocals with our singer, I have just been rotating amps through Division practice. The Stiletto always seemed to be the one that I kept coming back to. It had that great midrange crunch, and the leads just sang. The rest of the band came back a couple of weeks ago to rehearse for the upcoming show, and I brought out the Roadster, since that is what I thought I would be playing. Much to my surprise, I really wasn't happy with it. I felt like Mike and I just sounded exactly the same, and since a Triple has so much presence and "push" behind it (since it is 50w more), I felt like I wasn't really standing out. I just sort of blended into the bigger picture.

    So, I brought the Stiletto back out. Instantly, I was back. My leads and fills would stand out as much as Mike's would, but I wouldn't step on him, either. The rhythm sound became this thick, complex tone that filled a much broader sonic spectrum. The two different amps blended together like they were made that way--massive Recto bottom end and assault, plus the EL-34 distinctive midrange harmonic richness and treble brilliance. Obviously, I had to take it to the gig, since I really felt like playing it.

    Wouldn't you know that everyone else thought the same thing? Todd, Chris (jacksonplayer), and my buddy and tech, Jeff, all said it was the the amp I should be playing. I think Chris even said, "You know you can't give that thing back to Todd, now." Now I gotta sell the Roadster so I can order one.
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    my stiletto gas has been exponentially increasing since i joined my latest band.

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    Dave, I gotta agree. Particularly with your 27" KxK and hell when you were taking a lead with the new KxK V last night it just really worked for you. IMHO. Like you said it helped you stand out different from Mike last night. BTW, excellent show as usual.
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    I love Stilettos. Damn good amps, love the crunch they have. And I swear, the Series II will cut through any mix with ease, even more so than the Series I (and HW Mod). Any time I use the Stiletto, no matter how we turn the dials, and no matter what amps the rest of the band is using, it always slices right through and you hear practically every note.

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    If I recall correctly, I think part of the reason the Stilettos were developed was because that Marshall like crunch they have sits better in the mix with a Rectifier series amp than another Rectifier. The occupy slightly different sonic spaces so overall both guitarist get heard and sound better together.
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    The sound of the Stiletto II and Mike's Triple Rec together was massive, and that even with the overall poor FOH sound you guys were given. Those two amps work so well together, that you shouldn't even think about using anything else.

    The only problem I see is that the more mid-rangy rhythm sound of the Stiletto made it more difficult for Mike's solos to stand out, compared to yours.

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    I'm going through some video of the show that I had show from a tri-pod set-up on the side of the stage.

    So it's behind all of the FOH speakers, and out of the way of most of the monitors, and it's pretty much just stage volume only.

    The two amps sound great together.... and from the camera position, the harmony leads blend well together. Which, to Jacksonplayer's point, might actually be a slight imbalance in the lead sounds / volumes, b/c the cam was set up to the side of mike's cab, with dave's stiletto set-up being on the opposite side of the stage - like - way opposite.... past the drums and bass rig and all that jazz....

    one of the songs i'm referencing this observation from is Masquerade... those rigs sound damn good.... a great balance of high gain metal and organic tube warmth goodness.

    there should be youtubes soon

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    Watching the videos that you sent around, it was pretty telling. Even with my amp so far away from the camera (causing a volume imbalance), you can still here my leads slicing through. It's a pretty fucking kickin' amp.

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