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Thread: Upgrading speakers vs New Cab

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    Upgrading speakers vs New Cab

    My carvin cab has seen better days, but overall it's structually in good shape. The speakers are shot, so I'm considering ordering 4 new C90's for it. BUT, since everyone harps about build quality and such, anyone have some input about Carvin cabs?

    The other option is pick up a 2x12 Recto cab, but I've A) never used one, and B) not feeling V30's that come stock. The 2x12 route is appealing because it's more portable than a 4x12, but I'm afraid I'll miss the 4x12 tone. Budget is an issue, I'm looking to spend $600 +/-. My local CL just had a Recto 4x12 cab that sold in like a day, but they're few and far between. I'm in a bit of a rush as my band starts rehearsing again next week. Our next show is in about 6 weeks and I need to solve the cabinet issue by then. Thoughts? Upgrade my cab or get a 2x12?

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    I got rid of the shitty V30s in my 2 recto 2x12 cabs & stuck in eminence swamp things. This turned each cab into an 8ohm 300w monster. Each one takes everything I throw at them & just asks for more.

    And yes, build quality of the cabs make a huge difference.

    Consequently, I have them for sale, if'n you're interested. Pm me.

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