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    FCB1010 Questions

    Following on from this thread: -


    I'll open a thread so that anyone that is having issues with it, or wants to get it working with a certain piece of equipment, can ask me. I can work on gear I've used before, or manuals alone, as long as they have a MIDI specification in them.

    Also don't ask how good the pedal is, it really is cumbersome, and there are many better out there, but I've learnt to tame the beast for my current needs until I can get the exact pedal I want, rather than jumping on baby steps to get there with only minor improvements each time. It's not a great piece of gear, but once you get used to it, it really isn't that hard to deal with.

    So fire away people.

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    i have an axe fx. i have the volume pedal working but it would only go down to about half volume. now they don't work at all. what did i fuck up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucified View Post
    i have an axe fx. i have the volume pedal working but it would only go down to about half volume. now they don't work at all. what did i fuck up?
    One common issue with the volume pedals on the FCB is needing to be reset (constantly lol). Its listed in the manual how to do it, I always forget the exact pedals you have to hold down, but you have to depress like buttons 1 and 10 and then power on the unit, it'll go into a self-test mode, where you have to press everything off, then it'll allow you to calibrate the volume pedal's sweep range. That should fix your problem. You can find how to do this if you don't have a manual by Googling it.

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    This is true, the other way of checking is on a patch per patch basis. You'll need to turn the thing on, hold the Down button for about 5-10 seconds and let go, which will take you into the configuration mode, and then press up to get into the patch configuration mode.

    Once in there, the button which has Exp A and Exp B above (I can't remember the exact one right now, I don't have the FCB1010 in front of me). If the LED above the button ISN'T on, hold the button down until it lights up. If it is, leave it for now.

    Press one of the buttons for Exp A or B, depending on which pedal you want to use for volume, so the LED is flashing above it, press the Up button and see what number it says. That is the control change its supposed to send out on. USUALLY for volume its 10, but you'll have to check the Axe FX manual (if you can't find it, I'll have a scan through the manual and let you know).

    Once you have done that, press the up button again, the number flashing on the screen there should be set to 0, if it isn't, change so that it is. Press up again, the number flashing on the screen should be 127. If it isn't, change it so that it is. Press Up again and you are back into the patch configuration mode. Hold the down button, and it will get you back into the patch change mode. Test out the pedal, it SHOULD change the volume level now.

    If it still doesn't work though, let me know and I'll go through the manual for the Axe FX and try and work out whats going on.

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    The CC#'s for volume pedals etc. on the Axe-Fx are user assignable, so it'll take whatever the FCB is sending. If he has the Axe set up correctly (which he probably does since it was working before), then it's probably a calibration issue.

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