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    Engl users chime in!

    So...will be coming across some cash soon. I have a few Engl products, head, cab, Midi Z11, and footboard so i know how awesome engl is already, what i'd like to know now is about two certain heads that some of you guys own

    Invader 1500

    Special Edition (El34 or 6l6)

    which is more versatile? i know they are both astounding amps but features are what im looking for. the Invader has 4 independent EQ's, which is awesome. The SE has built in reverb, but i have g major so not really an issue. They are both almost equally sexy looks wise, and their tone is unforgiving. I'm looking for a "World Funeral"-era Marduk, or Behemoth type tone. I know neither of these are played with Engl amps but im just trying to translate sound with words
    Big bass, that hits u in the chest, and mids n treble which melts your face btw i scoop my mids most of the time and i heard that the Invader 150 is all about the mids so...

    help me spend my money lol

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    I've had an Invader 100 and I currently have an SE. They are both VERY versatile amps but ultimately I like the SE better. Both amps can be made to sound like each other IMO. I definitely like the SE better for black metal and death metal tones but for quite a bit less money you can easily have great black and death metal out of the Invader as well. Best I can describe the differences is the SE is refined while the Invader is raw, wwarm, and more natural sounding. Again, they can sound very similar.
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    scooping your mids is going to ruin your tone regardless of what you use. you're never going to get a huge in your face guitar tone by doing that unless you never play with anyone else. Scooping sounds awesome when you are practicing without a band, once you get a bass and maybe another guitar in there, say goodbye to your tracks and "sweet" tone.

    TL : DR - boost mids, don't scoop them.

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    i know this, and for live and recording the mids are not scooped
    i only do that when practicing by myself. that's one reason i'd like the invader cause the mids sound so good i've heard

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