Distorion is broke on a Rocktron Piranha tube pre-amp. What could it be?

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Thread: Distorion is broke on a Rocktron Piranha tube pre-amp. What could it be?

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    Distorion is broke on a Rocktron Piranha tube pre-amp. What could it be?


    I need some assistance on a serious issue with my Rocktron Piranha tube pre-amp. Maybe someone here can give me some advise.

    Somehow the distortion doesn't work anymore. Well it does work but at such a low volume it almost can't be heard at all.
    The clean channel is working fine.
    Now I was wondering what could cause this. To make sure it's not because of settings on the amp I did a factory-reset as mentioned in the manual. Unfortunately this doesn't solve my problem.
    Now I'm wondering whether it could be the tubes (2x 12AX7) that are broken but then, why is the clean channel working fine?

    Besides from bringing it to the store for repair, is there anything else you could advice me to do?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Switch out the tubes. That's the best place to start - the V1 gain stage might well be working fine, which is what you'd use for the cleans, and the v2 tube might be blown, or the socket might have oxidized.

    It's also entirely possible that the preamp doesn't use the tubes for anything but "color" on the clean settings, which might not be noticeable - I'm not familiar enough with the Piranha to know for sure, though.

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    i agree, most likely the tubes. The Piranha sounds like God when it's working perfectly. Rocktron really needs to re-issue that unit. I'd buy it in a second.

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