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Thread: So we tried out a ton of amps the other day

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    So we tried out a ton of amps the other day

    So our other guitarist Adam is looking for a new amp. He's been playing on my old chameleon, mesa 50/50 rig for a while, and he's looking to either go with a new rack setup or with an amp head.

    First off, we love the sound I'm getting right now out of the Triaxis / 2:90 rig, but we're looking for something complimentary to that sound, but maybe a bit heavier.

    First stop we tried out a few mesa heads. We started with a dual rec 3 channel. I've played a few of these before, but I really wanted to push it this time, so the store we were in let us use a back room and an overdrive pedal. I tell you, with the mids up high and the overdrive pedal activated, the orange channel on modern mode is just insanely awesome when cranked. It's too bad that the red channel is a little too flubby and the clean channel is too sterile, otherwise this would be the amp. It slays. Also, I'm not too fond of the dual rec at low volumes, even with the od in front. it really needs to be cranked and then it just comes to life, but most of you already knew that.

    Next we tried out a Mesa Stiletto. It sounds awesome for that 80s style Marshall sound, but that's not really us so that was pretty much it for that.

    They had a Mark V at the same store, but we skipped that for today, my experiences with the Mark V make me just want to go back to my Triaxis. That's just my opinion though.

    So we headed out to a second store. Adam teaches at this place and he knew they had a 5150 III in the back. The first thing we did was fire up the clean channel. We were not too impressed with the Mesa heads' clean channels, and the fender just sounded awesome. It was very close to my Triaxis clean sound, in some ways maybe even better. However, the gain channels left a lot to be desired. Definitely not a tweaker's amp with only Low, Mid, and High knobs, as a longtime Mesa player, it was an instant turnoff. The amp is perfectly suited for a hard rock band, but we're metal and even with an OD in front, it just wouldn't be enough.

    So we head to a third store that has a Mesa Roadster in stock. Bingo! We found a winner. a 4 channel dual rec with a fantastic clean channel. We switched channel 1 to "tweed" and it just sounded awesome. We put it on orange modern, and it just slayed for heavy metal riffing, maybe even a little better than the dual rec 3 channel. With just the short time we spent with this head, it's easily the best amp I've ever played and left us both with a very incurable case of GAS

    I still love the Triaxis / 2:90 as the ultimate live and racked rig, but I would love to have a Roadster as a second amp, and I think within the next month or two before we start our tour in March, Adam is probably going to buy one of these.

    So that was my Saturday. Nothing like a few hours of savage metal riffing on tons of new amps

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    Nice writeup. When I got my 3 channel triple, I sort of missed my triax/2:90 rig. Now that I have the Roadking, I don't really miss it at all.

    Dave and I A/B'd his Roadster and my Roadking, they were similar enough that the differences could be chalked up to tubes. Any of the slight differences could be made to sould identical on the two amps, by using slightly different settings.

    The Roadster/Roadking are the cream of the Recto crop, IMO.

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    I'd say those rank as my two biggest wants, as well

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    No arguments from me, this is the most satisfied I've ever been with an amp. It's like everything I liked about the Nomad, plus everything I liked about the Rectoverb, with a much more useable channel layout, options I didn't even know I needed, as well as a few that I'm not actually sure if I DO need, but are kind of fun to have around.

    One question - when you say "Orange Channel," I'm assuming you mean the 3rd channel, in Modern? I'm a little surprised, that's my favorite lead tone on the thing (I go back and forth between Vintage and Modern, but they really surprise surprisingly similar on that channel, in 50-watt mode, tube rectification, with the channel volume a little over half). It's very Mark-like, strangely so for a Recto, though, so maybe if that's the Mesa sound you've always liked, that makes sense...

    Anyway, yeah, it's a hell of an amp.
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    Typically, "orange" = "vintage", regardless of whether we're talking about ch3 or 4... at least that's how I've always used the terms.

    I've got the ch2 on Brit, with a nobels loop switcher dedicating it's very own tube screamer to it, adding a little more bite than you'd have a normal boost doing, and the g-major's active eq is set to add just a tad bit o bass in the sound, and it's sounding pretty damn close to ch3 orange.... maybe a little more modern, actually.

    It's awesome - it's allowing the roadster to give me two rhythm channels - a classic rhythm channel (ch 2) and modern metal (ch 4, this too, with it's own dedicated boost), with my lead channel being a good bridge between the two (ch 3). I can go from pristine cleans (sans boost thanks to the switchers), to the rhythms of Maiden, then to Nevermore, then to some searing thick leads..... all with the stomp of a single button....

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    I'd really love to try a Stiletto, but the Mesa dealer here sucks ass..

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    You know, I played with my Roadster with bass and drums the other night for the first time - my friend Vanessa and her husband came over, and we all played a couple of her songs and a few covers, with her on vocals, her husband on bass, and Colin on drums.

    Brit was the real surprise for me. On its own, I wasn't that blown away with the sound, and it didn't seem to really have enough gain to solo with, at least with my Strat. I started the night playing rhythm parts on Tweed, cleanish, and leads on my normal lead settings, but by the end of the night I was just staying in Brit. With the volume back a bit it was nice and glassy but with just the right amount of grit to it, and with it up it was actually a pretty awesome lead sound in a "old amp turned up a lot" sort of way. My one problem with the Rectoverb was that it always sounded too refined and articulate - it was always very clear, very focused, and very, well, "nice." You couldn't play Tom Waits with it and have it sound anywhere near right. Brit on the other hand is just thrashy and ugly enough so that it works like a charm - we were playing that "Down in Mexico" song from the last Quentin Tarrentino film, and it was absolutely nailing that old school gritty bluesy sound.

    It's really a pretty amazing amp.

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