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Thread: Jet City JCA20 = awesome

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    Jet City JCA20 = awesome

    My buddy picked this up for his dad as a birthday present, but since the old man is on vacation for the next two weeks, we had to give it a little test. You know, for quality assurance purposes.

    The amp fucking slays. It has this awesomely thick and musical crunch with the gain dimed, the midrange is thick as hell, and all at bedroom volume. IT drives a 4x12 beautifully, and putting an overdrive in front of it doesn't change the character of the amp, even if you use the gain on the pedal; you just get the same sound with more saturation. I also spent some time with a Mexi Strat at low gain settings, and the cleans are pretty damn good, too--you can get that bell-like chime on the bridge pickup, and the in between positions quack almost as good as a Fender amp. Run the gain at noon on a Strat, and you can cop some of that SRV "Pride and Joy" sound.

    It is absolutely an amazing steal at $300 new, and I am totally getting one next month. It makes the Orange Tiny Terror seem honkey, and absolutely obsoletes the Blackheart. There is simply no reason to get absolutely anything else as a practice amp. If you played in a straight up rock band, you could gig with this thing. Mike Soldano knocked it out of the parking lot around the park. I have played plenty of practice amps I have liked, but this is the first one that floored me right off the bat with a no-compromise tone.
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    Noo, my one weakness: small EL84-powered low-cost amp heads
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    Nice. Been wanting to check these out for home use since I'm ditching the Vetta(which somebody should buy so I can get one )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Noo, my one weakness: small EL84-powered low-cost amp heads

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    We were gonna car these but the rep they contracted to for AZ is a dick. The guys at jet city are awesome though, super friendly and all around nice guys. Amps are pretty fuckin sweet too
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    Jet City amps is a new joint venture with Mike Soldano... basically Soldano amp designs built in low cost Chinese factories. I'm sure they are great.

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    So it's true then. There's been a lot of buzz on HC about these, but you always have to take what they say with a huge grain of salt.
    Jet City also has a Pico Valve coming out, which is designed by the guy who does THD amps, and does the same switchable power tube thing. And they have an ISO cab coming too.
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    300$??? That's a laughable amount of money, I might actually be able to afford something with tubes!!
    It'll probably cost 3-4x that amount here in the united shitshires of norway though

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