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Thread: "De-Boosting" with a TS7

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    "De-Boosting" with a TS7

    Following up on my other thread about a solo boost in the FX loop, Stitch mentioned dropping the volume for rhythm then turning up for leads.

    After fiddling about with tubes (ended up taking out the Tung-Sol in V1 and replacing it with a Mesa as the Tung-Sol just had way too much gain to let the drive channel 'clean up' with my volume knob) I started re-tweaking my TS7 to get things going again.

    Common wisdom here is that 'boosting' a high-gain amp with a Tubescreamer for rhythm sounds tightens up the low end thanks to the Tubescreamer's mid hump and cut on highs and lows. I never really noticed it on this particular amp as the drive channel is very smooth, middy, and a bit loose, and boosting it doesn't really tame the 'looseness' very much.

    However, the drive channel has a fantastic lead sound unboosted, but is a little flubby for rhythm, boosted or no. Turning down my guitar volume tightens things up a bit, but still leaves some of that bottom in there.

    Thinking back to Stitch's recommendation, I set my TS7 for a clean boost, then dropped the level knob to actually result in a moderate volume drop with the pedal engaged.

    Suddenly, I can step on the TS7 to get the tightening effect of less signal and the EQing effect of the Tubescreamer circuit all in one, resulting in a tighter, crunchier rhythm sound that works very well for what I do. For leads, I turn off the TS7 and I not only get a slight volume boost, but the amp smooths out and saturates a bit more. This allows me to run my gain a tad higher for a smoother lead sound yet not have the looseness issues on my rhythm sound.

    It's amazing what happens when you turn knobs and listen rather than going by common wisdom. I can't wait for rehearsal tonight so I can try this out in a band context and make sure it all still works!
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    Interesting approach!

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    I'm really glad that worked out for you dude! Give us an update after practice

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    Eric Johnson uses a Micro Amp as a "de-boost"... and we all know he has better tone than god!

    Use your gear how it works for you bro! Suggestions are nice but NOBODY has exactly the same preference in tone. Trust your ears, not your eyes!

    How's your step-daddy liking his TS7 btw?

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    Just got done with cover band rehearsal. While it won't do modern metal tones (not that I'd expect that out of this amp anyways) this basically gives me a 3-channel amp with a bold clean/rock-y crunch/singing lead setup depending on volume knob and pickup selection. It was absolutely perfect for ZZ Top, .38 Special, and Skynyrd-style stuff in the cover band, and while I tend to like more gain than is probably 'proper' for those styles it sounded awesome regardless. I didn't lose any 'cut' and my rhythm blended better since it was a 'cleaner' gain sound.

    Definitely a useful tool in the arsenal.

    Joe, my stepdad definitely likes the pedal. He's using it as a solo boost with his Dual Showman Reverb, but it sounds the business and if dialed in right does great crunch tones with that amp too. The best part is that I could finally steal my TS7 back from him

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