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    Practice amps...

    Hi all,
    thought i'd pick your brains again so i've got a couple of questions for yaz...

    What sort or small practice amp still gives you half decent tone and distortion?

    The reason i ask is because i work away from home for half the time and i am sick of just twanging on my electric without an amp, it sucks because i can't hear all the little sounds in my sloppy technique to try and improve if you know what im mean.
    I wanted to get a practice amp up to my room at work so i can practice there. The only problem is im restricted in weight because i fly to and from site.
    The max weight im allowed is 19kg total, does anyone have any recommendations for decent amps that would fit this criteria?

    I have been looking at the Ibanez TBX range, in particular the 30W and 15W models, i had a play of the 15W one in the shop and is didn't sound too bad, i didn't have time to try it right out and test all of its features out but it seemed resonable for a little 15W amp.
    Anyone have any experience with these or even just Ibanez amps in general?

    Also if is did get something like the TBX15R and the tone / drive was lacking, would it be feasable to push it harder with something like a Boss-MT2?

    Which brings me to my next question, what would be the best 'metal' distortion pedals out there? Im not worried so much about the best value, i just want that tone... you know the one im talking about, the one that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, puts a smile on your face and gives you a hard-on all at the same time...

    Thanks peeps,


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    What are your volume restrictions?

    If you can go 'loud' (as in, not earsplitting but above bedroom) I recommend the Blackstar HT-5. The drive channel is fantastic for metal-ish stuff and it responds well to being boosted with a tubescreamer on both the clean and drive channels.

    If you're volume-limited, Roland's Cube series have solid amp modeling and headphone outs.

    I'm not a huge fan of getting most of my distortion from a pedal (with the exception of possibly driving a lower-gain amp like a Fender or a Marshall JCM800/Plexi with a Tubescreamer or RAT) but I've played the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Mayhem, and it's surprisingly good for "metal in a pedal" sounds, if pricey. The Blackstar HT series of pedals have gotten good reviews too, but I've never played one.
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    Roland Cubes are good, as are the latest Line 6 Spider IV amps (the III and older sound like shit though)

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    My vote for Roland Cubes or Randall Combos, which sound massive for what they are
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    I really like the Behringer VTone GM108 (wonder why )... 27 different sounds in one amp
    other than that.. I really like the small Randalls
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    What about a POD/GSP1101 and some decent headphones? Then you could use it for FX or something with your main rig too?

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    I use a peavey bandit for practicing quietly at home but it's probably a bit too big be carrying around much as it's a 1x12 combo. It sounds fairly good for what it is. I've only heard great things about the cube stuff, lot's of people always rave about them for practice amps.
    As was mentioned though you might want to look into a pod or a similar modeller. They are fairly cheap and come with a really wide range of tones. You could pick up a small monitor or even just use another cheap amp for when you want to play loud, and then a set of headphones for playing through too.

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    If you're flying, what about looking into something like a Pocket Pod or one of the Vox headphone amp things? There's also the Zvex Nano head too.

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