Paul Gilbert pedalbaord demo.

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Thread: Paul Gilbert pedalbaord demo.

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    Paul Gilbert pedalbaord demo.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Paul Gilbert's Pedal Board :Guitar Center Sessions[/VIDEO]

    His use of the EQ pedal as a 'de-booster' is really clever. The funny thing is, I actually experimented with using a Boss Line Selector in this way, using it to cut the volume a bit to clean up the tone without me having to touch the volume control...
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    "..a little more "Trevor Rabin'."

    I haven't heard that name associated with anything gtr since like '94.

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    That's interesting... when I play with my classic rock covers band, I 'de-boost' with my TS7 in a similar way. For hard rock/metal though I need the tighter attack that boosting gives me.
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    Thanks for posting this link. I always love Pauls work.

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    why does he ever try to sing
    and somebody give this guy a sandwich!
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    Here's that DeTox EQ he was talking about.


    That seems like a really cool pedal and he gets some badass sounds in that clip.
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    Fuck you, now I want that Airplane thingy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Variant View Post
    Fuck you, now I want that Airplane thingy.
    Yeah dude, that flanger was sweet.

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