5150 or 5150 II?

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Thread: 5150 or 5150 II?

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    5150 or 5150 II?

    Now, I've never actually played a 5150 for any real length of time, so I don't know too much firsthand how different it is from the II, though I've read a lot about the differences. one of my bands is a Prog Death outfit, and the other is post-rock/noise/indie.

    The main complaint I see regarding the originals is that you can't really get a good clean tone out of one, and I want to know what that really means... is it referring to that the clean tone just sucks, or that you can't get a pristine sparkling clean like you can out of a Roadster or something.

    I'm a junkie for gain and I know that the 5150 is said to have more gain than the II, though I don't know if the loss in cleans is drastic enough to hamper my post-rocking out if I end up dropping the II for an original.

    With that said, would it also be a viable option to get something like a tubescreamer or similar overdrive pedal and toss it in front of the II to crank it a little more? If so, what OD/Distortion pedals should I look at?

    (I'm also using an EHX Holy Grail and a Boss Super Chorus in my rig, if that really affects anything)


    Think I could trade my II for a I if I decide to do that?
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    Clean really isn't there on a 5150. The first channel is called crunch, and it describes it, also, shared EQ.

    However, the crunch is cool, and the lead has gobs of gain. You would want to bioas mod it as it adds a bit more clean capability, but it really isn't great at all...

    Never played a 5150II so can't comment beyond that!

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    I'd get a II.

    The 5150 and 6505 are functionally identical, and I regret not buying the 6505+ which is the modern 5150II. The 6505's clean channel is designed to break up early and lacks the headroom for a true 'clean' channel, even with low output pickups like Dimarzio PAF7s.

    As far as voicing goes, I can't really hear a difference between the I and II besides standard variation in components. The case of the 5150 being 'more brutal' than a II or otherwise is an argument to me that holds no water....I don't believe it and I think people spread it about to believe that both amps can measure up with each other. It isn't the case - the 5150II is simply the higher-spec'd amp. It also comes with a three way footswitch (channel / crunch / fx) as opposed to two on the plain 5150 (channel / fx).

    The real difference between the two is that the 5150II/6505+ has six 12AX7 preamp tubes as about to five to add that clean headroom. I'm not entirely sure how that works, but its the only difference circuit-wise I can see. The 5150II also has channel-specific EQ's, wheras the 5150 has one global EQ.

    If you value any clean sounds get, the II. If you play in a band like Misericordiam and never need your clean channel, get the I and use the money saved on FX, Wireless units, booze and hookers.

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    Okay, I think that clears it up. I think I'll hold onto the II then.

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    smart move.
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