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Thread: Thinking about going rack...

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    Thinking about going rack...

    I'm thinking about getting a rack consisting of a Fractal, a carvin poweramp, and a tuner. I'm a total noob when it comes this kind of stuff, so could anyone help me with the the wiring? I'm not sure where I should plug into and in what order I should have them wired. If anyone could shed some light on my predicament, that would be great. thanks

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    That's an easy setup to put together man
    Guitar -> Tuner -> Tuner Output to Axe FX Input -> Axe FX Output -> Carvin Input

    I'd recommend a tube power amp over a solid state one.. the Axe is good, really good, but I don't think the power amp sim is good enough to replace something like a VHT 2/50/2.

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    That is the obvious way another would be to go direct to the Axe FX and have the tuner in the loop but do you really need a tuner, doesn't the AFX have it's own tuner

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    The Axe does have a tuner. A nice one at that, though perhaps a bit touchy. The only advantage I could see to having a rack tuner is being able to see it further away, but personally, I wouldn't bother with one. Skip the tuner and save a few bucks.
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    And to throw another spanner in the works, by the time you buy it the Atomic FR will most likely be out and it may be worth trying that before you go for a poweramp setup.

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    Having been the rack route before, a valve poweramp is definitely the way to go if you're playing in a band with another guitarist, especially if they're using a valve amp. I tried the solid state option and found myself totally buried in the mix regardless of amp settings. Switched to a valve poweramp and I could be heard again.

    Personal preference, but I like to keep my tuner out of the main signal chain. Luckily my wireless has two outputs, so I run the jack output to the rig and run the XLR output to my tuner using an XLR to jack adaptor.

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