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Thread: Randall V2 vs. T2HH

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    Randall V2 vs. T2HH

    Has anyone had any in depth experience with both?I have a V2 at the moment, which I'm very happy with, but I was wondering:

    a) are the preamp tubes different? I think Amott had ruby tubes (or something, can't remember what the difference was) in his V2 instead of the ones that ship in the normal V2. Just wondered if the same thing happened with the T2HH.
    b) how differently are they voiced? I know that T2's are attributed a slightly more aggressive tone by many due to the more direct nature of the preamp circuit, but I wondered if anyone could suggest a way to make the V2 sound closer to the V2 using the graphic EQ or something.

    The main reason I ask is that Gus let me know his settings that he used to use on his T2HH's, but it didn't sound quite as powerful through my rig as his does, so I wondered if there was some drastic difference between the two amps which I was overlooking?

    (The settings were, by the way: Gain 6/Treble 6/Middle 6/Bass 5/ Presence 8)

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    Well, he might be running pedals/boosts/different pickups/sound reinforcement/different cabs/higher volume/harder pick attack/doubling/multitracking than you, all of which will affect the sound. Settings on the amp are less than half the battle.

    No idea about the Randalls however.
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