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Thread: Amps Suggestions?!!!!!

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    Amps Suggestions?!!!!!

    OK...has much has i love my current's not gonna work for my next project. I would need a head...30w to 100w. i'm more of an el34 guy, but i'm not closing any doors. needs.

    I tried an amp this afternoon at my friend's shop..a KRANK KRANKENSTEIN..i was pretty impressed with it. what i liked is it has a clean..and a pretty good one i may had, and a distortion channel..BUT..the Distortion Channel has a second master volume controlable via the footswitch that act has a boost, exactly what i'm looking for basicaly. but they are has rare has Pope's dung these maybe there is another amp that i'm not aware off with similar settings.

    I need a quite some gain cause we will go from clean tone to pure bang your head metal power... I don't wanna use an OD with this set-up, that's for sure.

    What i know i don't like...things like JCM 2000 series..makes my puke..LOL..i bought one in 2000..and returned it withing 2 days. Fender amps i know wont cut it.

    SO...any suggestions?...i'll most likely try to hunt something down in the used market naturally. price clue yet..

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    I've never needed to use an OD with any of the Engl's I've played. Maybe look for a used Powerball.


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    The Peavey Valve King is a good choice if you don't have a lot of bread. Can't go wrong with a used 5150 for basic metal, but I think I'd prefer the clean channel on the VK. 5150 "clean" is a little rough.

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    6505+ cleans are actually decent, as I have used one a couple times in the last few days we were quite impressed.
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    If you like that "dual master volume" feature, a lot of Mesa amps have a Solo volume, which will do the same thing. So will the Framus Cobra. You can also run a graphic EQ pedal or clean boost in the effects loop of an amp to get a similar effect; I do this with my Budda.

    What is your budget?

    Amps I can think of off of the top of my head with dual volumes and plenty of tightness and gain:
    -Framus Cobra (EL34s)
    -Stilettos (Series II) (EL34s)

    3+-channel amps that will do clean, crunch, lead (thus you can set one channel louder than the others)
    -Marshall JVM410H (EL34s)
    -Mesa Mark V
    -DAR Forza Quattro
    -Blackstar Series One 200
    -EVH 5150 III

    I don't know much about Engl or VHT amps, but they'll definitely have a few multi-channel heads out there.
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    alain here thinks mesa's are all muddy

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    If you are an EL-34 guy, and you have the cash, go buy a Mesa Stiletto II and be done with it. I was NOT an EL-34 guy, and the amp converted me. It has a very bright, aggressive edge, even when completely saturated, and the midrange is gloriously crunchy and complex. The cleans are great, too: the glassy, falling off the edge into breakup Marshall clean is there, but it can be pristine, too. If you run the gain channel in Fluid Drive mode, a boost actually hurts the sound. I run my gain around 12:30, and I'm making as much gain as I was with a Recto on 1:00 with a boost. Run it with a one step impedance mismatch to really thicken up the overall sound, and make the amp a little less stiff to play against (I run the 4ohm tap to my 8ohm cabinet). It's a tip I picked up from reading the manual.

    If you don't have a lot of cash, go get an Egnater Tourmaster. It is ridiculous how good that amp sounds for the price, and you can get a veritable Swiss Army knife of cool tones out of it. I just never cared as much for the classic EL-34 mid honk (which this amp has), but I was always more of a 6L6 guy, and the Stiletto is sort of in between the two.
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    Here's a suggestion no one else will give: If you see a used Genz Benz El Diablo, at least try it out. I traded my last 5150 for one. While the 5150 was great, it lacked the upper midrange that I favor. It came with EL34's and to me it was very similar to a 5150 but with the missing upper mids and an active EQ. (People call it a mesa killer, but I don't hear it...)

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