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Thread: Metal Amp Combo?

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    Metal Amp Combo?

    Hey all.

    I am looking for a Combo amp or Amp head that is good for metal. Preferably a combo amp but I'm keeping my options open incase you guys mention some good amp heads.

    My price range is $600-$700. Although don't be afraid to recommend some that are a little more expensive. If it's worth it, I'll pay more.

    This amp will be used for jamming and practicing in the home. I'll also use it for home recording and perhaps small gigs in the future.

    I am looking for an amp with great cleans and that can play HEAVY. I'm not into fuzzy distortion though.

    Even though there have been criticisms with the Carvin Legacy for metal, this has been one amp that has been keeping my attention. The only down fall is that the Legacy combo is a bit expensive for my current budget.

    Check this video out: [VIDEO]]YouTube - - Master That Riff! Sound/Amp Info[/VIDEO]

    This guy has done Slayer, Nevermore, Metallica...

    I don't get how people say that it's not good for metal.

    Even though I might be playing somethings like Necrophagist or anything else, I'm really going for something that is HEAVY but there is still clarity.

    Looks like a lot of my favorite players use amps like Engl. WAY OUT OF MY PRICE RANGE!

    The kind of music that I write is Guitar instrumental but I would like an amp that would allow me the sounds from some of my favorites:

    Steve Vai

    Ron Jarzombek (anyone know what amp he uses? his tone is heavy but really clear!)

    Paul Gilbert


    Devin Townsend

    Dave Weiner

    Jeff loomis

    Ihsahn (He uses Hughes & Kettner I think.)

    Sorry if this message is all over the place. I want an amp that is HEAVY but also has clarity. Something that can handle all sub-genres of metal.

    Perhaps an amp combined with an Over drive pedal?

    I would greatly appreciate any information you guys/girls may have for me. Thanks for your time.

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    Check out the Blackstar HT series. The HT-5 is a fantastic head and can do clean to super-heavy while being surprisingly loud for it's size.

    They're also releasing the HT-20 and HT-40 combos and heads that are 20 and 40W respectively, and carry the same tonal versatility while having a bit more firepower. They'll also fall right in your price range and sound pretty good at lower volumes, although like everything tube they like to be cranked.
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    Used Mesa DC-5, F-50, or Caliber .50+. great cleans, can definitely get heavy.
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    I have a Nomad 45 and it is really versatile as it has 3 independent channels

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    I found a mesa Caliber 50 on ebay but it doesnt have the built in EQ. I could just buy a separate EQ right?

    Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber tube Amp - eBay (item 250621321706 end time May-04-10 14:09:37 PDT)

    I think this is the one.

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    Peavey JSX 212?

    I like the 6505+ cleans actually, not too bad at all - but they might not fit your description of "great" - that amp comes in 212 form.
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    Somebody else recommended the Randall RG50TC

    Here it sounds pretty nice:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - KraHenN (guitar demo on lag, schecter, randall rg50tc)[/VIDEO]

    Here it sounds awful! hear all that hiss and nasty fuzzy distortion!

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Randall RG50TC Test High Gain[/VIDEO]

    anybody have experience with this amp?

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    Nope, but my little brother has an RG75 I think it is - nice cleans, footswitchable reverb and channel switching, and the gain 1 setting gets some nice modern tones (gain 2 is like a pedal: stay away)

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