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Thread: Considering getting rid of the Mark III...

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    Considering getting rid of the Mark III...

    As some of you may remember, I got a deal on this and it has definitely served me but it just doesn't get played enough - there have been many months where it was even turned on, and for something as beastly like this; that's a crime in itself.

    I think my main concern with it is the volume and wattage of this guy. Granted, it IS a Simul-class between 60 and 100 watts, what I consider to be the main drawback of the Mark series was their ability to go between quiet and SWEET-MERCIFUL-CHRIST-WHY-IS-IT-SO-LOUD with a slight tweak between 1/2 and up to 1 I find myself leaving it around 3/4 and it gives me that perfect bedroom level and at 1 not only does it really open up, but you can hear it throughout the entire house and possibly even outside at times.

    I've also found that since Channel 2 is pretty much inaudible unless you've done the R2 Volume Mod (which also smooths out the aforementioned problem), I've realized I only need a good clean and a solid rhythm/gain channel since I don't do any leads in the stuff I write. While I may play some stuff in the higher registers, the gain I use isn't obscene enough to make it sound like shit nor is it ever fast to the point of needing clarity like that of a designated channel.

    They way I'm now looking at it is this:
    - Shut the fuck up and accept that the amp I have is awesome and nothing else
    - Downsize to a smaller amp so I still keep that sound and feel
    - Go to a modelling unit which I'm not 100% keen on doing

    If I consider going down the smaller amp route, it'd definitely be a Blackstar since it can do what I'm looking for. From what I've heard it sounds really nice and since we've all heard about how good these are (especially from Josh []) Not to mention, even though it's only 5 watts, I'm NOT playing any gigs and even if I did enter a position where I was - the cab would be mic'd.

    I'm not sure why I'm not sold on modelling but I think it's because I just need that tube-amp feel even if it's something as small as the HT-5 I know modelling is consistent and you can run direct and blah blah but there's just something about it; maybe it's because I feel I've outgrown my all-in-one idea and with the Blackstar and Mesa, I know I have to do some tweaking for various tones and it's still my sound on someone else's work.

    Edit : I should also mention, probably the ONLY modeler I would go for is the Axe-FX with a Mesa power-amp, which currently on a minimum-wage salary with about 24.5 hours a week - I simply cannot afford while trying to buy a new car at the same time; it'd have to be one or the other, and car would win no contest.

    What do you guys think?
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    I use a modeler, and have for years, and my shit honestly sounds GREAT. But I've had years and years of the same general shit, so I've tweaked it to what is for me, perfection.

    But you know what? My needs are the same as yours. All my amp models are big-time custom, made from the ground up to give me exactly what I desire. Because I really don't need or use tons of sounds. A good clean, the same clean for some shit with a big delay, a crunch, a tight rhythm sound, and a lead with some delay and reverb. I mean, basically 4 sounds, with maybe 1 or 2 effects variations. That's it, all I use.

    So, whatever can best give you those 2 or 3 sounds you need is what you should go for, bro. Some people get it one way, some another. But focus on the things you NEED. Consistent volume, and those 2 or 3 tones, with good quality.

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    The Mark III is awesome. I'd be happy with it. Having said that don't just play a piece of gear because other people like it. I used a rocktron chameleon for years and loved it while most other people thought it was trash.

    Use what works best for you. There are great amps out there and great modelers out there now. There are options out there we didn't have 10 years ago, so go out there and try some new stuff and see if it's what you want. If nothing sounds as good to you as your mark, you've made your choice. If not, you'll maybe find something more fitting to your style and needs.

    Either way it's a fun process trying out new gear and finding your voice. have fun

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    If you can downsize, just do so - it's your rig .
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    You could try an attenuator, though I rarely recommend them, because they are hard on your output transformer. Get a Weber with a speaker motor

    I absolutely LOVE the MkIII tones in the TriAxis, but I've currently got a solid state power amp, so I enjoy it through a 4x12 at "HEY that's nice" volume

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    Sell everything and get a used zoom9001. it's rad man!

    Don't worry about people talking behind your back, it just means you're one step ahead and they're in perfect position to kiss your ass!

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    Hmm. Kim raises an excellent point. Sell it to me

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    It sounds like you're just jamming at home and not in a band? Yeah, 60 watts would definitely be too much. If I were you, I'd try out a Blackstar and see if the tone is to your liking. If not, then go with Leon's suggestion and get an attenuator. I myself would also get a GuitarPort/UX1 and use my puter until I can get something good like an AxeFX.

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