The AxeFx Ultra with the Atomic MB-50 Tube Poweramp (Review/Pics/Vid)

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Thread: The AxeFx Ultra with the Atomic MB-50 Tube Poweramp (Review/Pics/Vid)

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    The AxeFx Ultra with the Atomic MB-50 Tube Poweramp (Review/Pics/Vid)

    Hey guys!

    So i am trying out this cool little tube mono block poweramp that Atomic makes. It is powered by 2 6L6's and is 50 watts. I am using it with my Axefx currently through my Diezel RL cab (the only cab i have at my apt) and man this setup sounds RIDICULOUS!

    I think i am going to ditch my Engl rig for this kind of setup. Honestly i cant believe so little gear can make so much sound. Though since im on tour a lot, i might look into a rackmount poweramp version of this for that purpose, but for jamming at home or an easy way to power your axefx at a small gig, this sounds pretty ****ing awesome. Like i can dial in a sound similar to my Engl, but then dial in 1000 other presets, and there is something about playing the Axefx through a tube amp and cab that just feels so right! This thing really packs a punch too, it gets LOUD! The best part about it is it weighs 15lbs!! All you guys who have stereo poweramps out there know how much those things weigh, but apparently this has some different kind of transformers that weigh a lot less than the conventional ones. This is like the perfect little poweramp to bring around.
    Also, though im not 100% on this, but it seems to be Dual Voltage as well!!

    Here is a video of Jake and I testing it out.
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Bulb and Jake Demoing the Atomic MB-50 Poweramp with the Fractal AxeFx Ultra![/VIDEO]

    And here are some pics of the MB-50:

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    wow, that both looked and sounded good. You're not helping my gas good sir!

    nice credits too

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    Awesome dude, that sounds very nice. And I presume your back will thank you for it as well.

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    That sounds fantastic, guys!

    I'll be interested to see if other amp manufacturers start trying these "Class-D" digital switching power supplies instead of old-school transformers. Clearly, a good amp design doesn't suffer tonally as a result! (Although the true test would be a full tube preamp and power amp running off that kind of power supply.)

    I'm kinda surprised Atomic hasn't made one of these in a rack format.

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    Thanks for that!

    If I sold my Herbert I could get the axe, mako mak4 and the rackamp 7T8, hmm. Thankfully I hate carrying racks around so there goes that idea.

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    this thread: hey want some more axe fx gas?
    Me: nah I think I have enough, thanks.
    this thread: well then... too fucking bad *punches me in the face*

    Sounds friggin awesome, guys, the chorus laden Holdsworthian tone gives me a chubby, as do the rest to be honest.

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    glad you dig it, man

    do you actually liked it better than the VHT 2:50:2 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulb View Post
    this sounds pretty ****ing awesome.
    Hey bulb, you dork, you can say "fucking" around here.

    See, the problem with videos like this is I've seen plenty of modelers (especially after you've gotten your hands on them ) sound pretty fucking sweet. The catch for me has always been how they feel - even my buddy's old original Spider recorded fairly well mic'd up, but the touch sensitivity just wasn't there.

    Word is the AxeFX is one of the exceptions to that rule, so I bet it's even better with a tube power section behind it. I'd be curious to try one of these things.
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