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Thread: fender m80 pro rack head

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    fender m80 pro rack head

    ok, I love the distortion on my fender m80 pro rack head. the only thing it lacks for the sound I'm looking for, is that warm tube sound.

    is there a way to combine this with some kind of device to warm it up more?

    I run a samson c valve pre amp through the effects loop, but it doesnt seem to warm it up. would I be able to get an old cheap tube amp head and combine it with my fender. I want to use the fender distortion with the tube head power.

    I tried alot of tube heads and the only ones I like is the triple rec from mesa, krankenstein, these amp heads are way to much money for me.

    so I figure I try to beef up the sound I all ready have.

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    Do you use a boost up front? Perhaps a Tubescreamer or an actual tube overdrive pedal would be up your alley. Seymour Duncan has some excellent Tube pedals out there, as well as Blackstar and a few other companies.

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    I have enough gain with the fender distortion. I just want that tube warmth with the distortion I already have.

    the fender has a headphone output. so, I was thinking I could run my fender heads output into a tube amps clean input, so I could have the fender distortion
    with the tube warmth.

    every time I get distortion stomp boxes or processors. I always just go back to my fender distortion. its perfect for what I'm doing. it just lacks the tube body and warmth.

    that carvin kind of seems like what Im looking for. how would I run my head through that power amp? would come out of the fender head phone jack to the carvin input? the reason I say headphone jack is, it bypasses the power of the head. so it be like using the fender head as a distortion pedal.

    do they make any other tube power amps like that carvin?

    thanx for the input guys.

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