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Thread: Need some tube experts help

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    Need some tube experts help


    I'm looking into switching out the 6L6's on my knucklehead reverb.

    I like EL34's, but I'm also searching for a tube that will give some
    extra low end and low mids punch, I also want to get rid of the rivera's
    harsh\brittle highs and buzz.

    I talked to eurotubes and talked to doug'stubes and they both
    gave me completely different recommendations:


    Option A:
    a matched set of the JJ E34L's and five of the JJ ECC83S preamp tubes.

    Option B:
    Same thing but with kt77's.


    RUBY EL34BSTR's and for the 5 x 12AX7's do a Tung-
    > Sol in V1,
    > Ruby HG+ in V2, a regular Ruby AC5 select($11.50) in V3, and
    > Sovtek LPS in
    > V4 and V5.

    Samples of the tome I'm aiming for:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - katatonia consternation[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Stone Sour- Get Inside[/VIDEO]

    Your opinion?


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    I'd go with Doug's recommendation. I like Eurotubes for their biasing videos and stuff, but the dude ONLY pushes JJ's. I will never use another JJ tube in any of my gear since they just aren't reliable enough for me.

    I don't know if JJ pays him to push those tubes or what. Other than that, I really like the website. I just wished the dude offered something else besides JJ's.

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    It's ironic when it comes from a guy with your user name lol

    The thing is I actually read the tung sol has as bright tone actually,
    and thats the last thing I'd want for my amp.
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    i had both versions (powertubes) in my amp already - the JJ E34L and also the Ruby B-STRs.

    soundwise - the JJ E34L really NAILS what you are describing. The B-STRs were the first tubes i had in my amp, switching then to the JJ E34L provided a much bigger low-mid-growl, and low-end-"ooomph". also a lot of high-end/treble just disappeareed, the amp was VERY dark sounding. The B-STRs instead have imho a better overall sound. With the JJs i always had the impression that there is something "too much", the B-STRs were providing a more "rounder" spectrum...

    The dark side on JJs: i never had a JJ tube lasting longer than 3 months - and that was the only pair that lasted that long. the others were 6-8 weeks, and the last pair i had made my fuses explode, after ~8 hours. You have to spend a LOT of money until you get a set of JJs lasting.

    Dont get me wrong, these work well in amps as Peaveys and Mesas, as they are running fraking cold - but on any amp where you can actually really adjust the Bias - do yourself a favour and stay away from them!

    For the JJ ECC803S: this was the most awful shit-sounding preamp tube i EVER tried. good lord, was that awful. not only werwe 3 of 4 microphonic out of the box, the sound was a muddy mess. definitely DO NOT WANT!

    Something different: Have you listened to the songs you posted on the original record on a good sound system? You will notice that they actually have a not-so dark guitar sound at all, instead there acutally IS a lot of high-end and treble in the gutiars, its just on both the overall mix which sounds "low".

    But, if your amp takes 6L6/EL34/KT77...does it take 6550? i think it does. I am currently running SED Winged C 6550, and have never been happier. These have an awesome low-end, a very very DEEP low-end, but still tight and controllable! The highs and presence are there when you need them, but it doesnt get harsh, as with the EL34s i used. Some say they are a bit "hi-fi" sounding, and i can see where that comes from - but to me it fits my taste.

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    Quite possibly a dumb question, but have you cranked up your amp?
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    I played it on modern mode on about 3-3.5 on most of our rehersals,
    so.. yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ Rodriguez View Post
    I don't know if JJ pays him to push those tubes or what.
    Isn't he just a JJ importer and dealer? I don't think he's paid by JJ to sell them, as much as he imports them to resell them himself.
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    Tubes can change the nuances of your tone, but I don't think they will radically alter your amp's voicings.

    High gain amps can and will often sound fizzy and trebly at low volumes.

    I've also had pretty good experience with JJ tubes, but that mainly involves EL84s so it's not relevant to the discussion at hand. I also took the Tung-Sol out of V1 in my amp as it was just too much saturation... but I'm not going for uber metal tone either.
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