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    NGD: TC Nova System

    Showed up today. I've only had about half an hour to play around with it, and am about to head out to my Drummer's place with the Roadster, so this is a short "review".

    First, the goods. It's heavy, well built, and looks awesome. The power cord is a standard PC-style cord, so it being universal and not having a wall wart is always a plus. Pardon the high ISO shots, lighting sucks in here right now.

    It's the absolute perfect height to snug right into the bottom of the cab. This can't be an accident, because it's too awesome:

    The floor money shot:

    And where it'll be for the next few days while I RTFM.

    I have one more pic, and the pic describes the biggest shortcoming:

    What am I doing here? Why, I'm REACHING DOWN TO UNPLUG IT BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE A FUCKING POWER SWITCH. Seriously, I want to find the first guy to think this was a good idea and punch him in the face. I don't want to run a rack power strip, and I don't want to unplug it every time I turn my amp off. I just want a power switch. Why is that so hard? Why do so many companies do this?


    Out of the box, it was a little odd to configure. I have it in the loop, and it took me ten minutes to get any sound out of my amp at all with it - at first I thought I had a bad cable. Don't quote me yet, but it seems like I have to jack the output level up on it to match my amp's output normally. As soon as I'd turn the loop on, my amp volume would be almost inaudible. So matching the output level on this so that the volume didn't go up/down when I kicked the loop on was the first thing I did.

    The drive section's inoperable in loop mode, and I don't want it anyway, so I didn't screw with it and won't. The effects sound pretty damn good, though all of the stock settings (so far) kinda blow. Once I figure out how to make presets, and how to actually change them with my foot (seriously, it's not as easy as you think, or as it looks) I'm sure they'll be a lot better. But so far, the reverb rules, the delay is nice and clean and the chorus took me 2 seconds to dial in Pull Me Under.

    The no-plug nonsense is a huge negative for me, but since the tuner on it is nowhere near as good as my trusty Korg, I'll probably suck it up and put a 4-space rack next to it with tuner, power strip, wireless (maybe?) and something else. I have it all run into an APC UPS right now anyway, but power conditioning is never a bad thing and I can always use more plugs. I was just hoping to get away from racks altogether, but it seems that it is not to be.

    So.. No real rating just yet, will fuck around with it a LOT tomorrow, but I'm off to destroy the world tonight with the Roadster and my drummer and leaving this guy at home because I'll be well inebriated in a couple of hours.

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    It's a good idea to have the 4 space rack with the power supply and tuner. I do that too. I was really glad to have the PSU when the breaker tripped at a gig.

    I even built a pedal board out of a 1U rack shelf so it slips right into the bottom 2 spaces of the rack. I bolted the pedals to the shelf so I just slip the shelf into the rack, hand-tighten 2 rack screws, and my pedals are protected and portable without having to carry the pedals in separately.

    I also bolted my amp switch to the rack shelf. I really have to get pictures. Maybe I'll do that tonight since it's a NGD anyway.

    [action=Ken]will charge you no royalties if you decide to buy a 1U rack shelf and mount your Nova on it. [/action]

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    Why not just get a surge-protected power strip and plug everything into that? Then, you can just hit the switch on that with your foot.

    That is pretty dumb, though. My GMajor has a power switch on the front that it doesn't even need.
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    The bitch is that I have two extremely nice 8-spacers, and I don't think Guitar Center would let me downgrade for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    Why not just get a surge-protected power strip and plug everything into that? Then, you can just hit the switch on that with your foot.
    Because it's sloppy. I am the world's neatest man dude. I even organize my picks and my sock drawer. My desk is spotless, my car is vacuumed twice a week. I have crazy ADD about that kind of shit.

    The thing is, I bought this INSTEAD of a G-Major because I didn't want to have a secondary rack.

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    Maybe you should return it and get a G Major then? If you're going to have to have a rack, it seems silly not to. Then you might as well get a midi board to control the G Major, and am amp gizmo to control the Mesa via midi for full one pedal patch changes, and, and, and...

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    ME: EBMM JP6 / JP7
    MA: Martin DC-1E
    Rig: Axe-Fx II XL

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    Nah. If I return it, it'll be because it's not transparent enough.

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    Seriously, you can pick up a Furman power strip for about $30 when they go on sale. Make yourself a small pedalboard with a stomp tuner, your 808, and the Nova System, with the power strip on the back.

    Oh wait, it can't be a small board... the Roadster footswitch is about a mile long. Build yourself an awesome pedalboard with the power conditioner, footswitch, Nova System, stomp tuner, and 808 and you can avoid the rack altogether.
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