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    genz benz el diablo

    so after the humming noise with my crappy solid state amp head. I decided to check out some tube heads. I walk in guitar center and see the genz benz eldiablo 100 head and I look at the price and it says 600 used. I grab a guitar with emg's the same ones that I have.

    I plug in a try this thing out and I was really impressed with every thing about this head. I loved the tone, because it sounded different then all the other top brand heads. the price scared me because I know for a good tube head usually you need to spend at least a grand. I search on google and seen that they cost 1400 brand new.

    is there something I'm missing. it was in excellent shape, so why was it only 600? I know you guy's know about gear so all your opinions mean alot to me. should I jump on this head at that price?

    if this head is as good as I think it is, I assume its not going to be there for long. I didnt have cash at the very moment, so couldn't get it right then. your oppinions mean alot thanx for all the help so far guy's.

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    I don't know much about the heads as far as quality/reliability/etc but then, the fact that I haven't heard anything seems promising

    I remember seeing a band that used them and it sounded great (the amp, not necessarily the band ).

    As for why it's so cheap used, probably because the GC employees don't know much about it, and figure most people haven't heard of it, so it'll be harder to sell. It's an oddball amp. People will pay more for Marshall or Mesa simply because it's what everyone uses.

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    I've never played the El Diablo, but I had a chance to play a Genz Benz Black Pearl. Holy shit, that's an awesome amp. I say if you really like it and the price is good, go ahead and get it.

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    I owned the 60 head and loved it. I did a straight up trade for a 5150. The 5150 was great but it didn't have the upper mids that I liked. The guy who wanted to trade for my 5150 said the GB didn't have enough gain. When he brought it in, I had no problem dialing in a high gain tone and he had a 2nd look on his face for moment (and he had active EMG's vs my passive duncans!).

    The thing I love about the most is the Tube Contour dial. This head can go (too) easily go from super scooped yuckiness to full on honky mids. You have to be careful with that Tube Contour dial with the addition of an active EQ. The range on the EQ is wayyyyy to powerful, so dial slowly!

    It gets darker when you switch it to 50 watts so you can get a little cleaner if you wanna go for a blues sound with some breakup. But that's the only thing I didn't like about my 60 no matter if it was in full power or half: The clean channel isn't anywhere as loud as the red.

    I still used a boost with this head because it gave the mid curve as expected.

    Oh yeah, and the Attack Level knob is good one to play with too.

    I have yet to find a recording that does this amp good. The young guitar comparison vids with other great amps doesn't do it justice, but that's the better of any vids I've seen. Don't even bother listening to the ones that GB put out themselves.

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    The reason that amp is so cheap is because so few people like it. Supply and demand, those things were $1699 new six years back.
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    I was looking to trade my 5150 for something else and the guy with 60 responded to my CL ad. I was kinda "meh" at first, but then when he brought it over and I got to test it out, I was sold.

    If that music store can give you a week's try-before-you-buy, that'll be the best way to know if you're really gonna like this head.

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    I tried the combo years back, my traynor YCV80 did high gain better and was an open-back 212. I haven't tried one recently, but my lasting impression was "meh"
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    I know the one you're talking about. It's been there for quite a while, actually. I always found the El Diablo 100s to be rather fizzy and/or woofy, depending on the tubes you use and not good for my style of play. They can do a great ultra-saturated gain, like a gain-on-10 recto, and the clicky-knobs are always cool.

    If you're looking for an amp, let me know. I'm in the area (and actually part-time at the target across the complex from there), and we can have us a good old-fashioned amp shootout. All the dudes at the GC there are good guys, and friends of mine, to boot.
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