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Thread: Multi-Effects Pedal?

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    Multi-Effects Pedal?

    I'm looking into buying a multi-effects pedal. Are these digitech's any good?

    Buy DigiTech RP55 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal | Floor Guitar Effects | Musician's Friend

    I would prefer one that didn't have amps/cabs built in, but just effects. If that exists? Also would I run this through the effects loop or the regular input? Right now the only pedal i'm using is my Boss NS-2, and i run that through the regular input.

    I play a Peavey 5150 2x12 if that matters.

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    I had a coupon from Guitar Center, so I just got one of those for $5

    I have no idea if it's going to be good, but a few friends of mine said they have tried them and they are awesome. I'll let you know what I think in about 3 days.

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    What effects are you looking for? Does it have to be a pedal?
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    I used to own an RP like... 7-10 years ago. They are pretty good for the cheap price. You definitely couldn't say that are of particularly high quality, but you usually get what you pay for. For the price range, I would recommend one.

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    I tried one on my friends rig, it sounded OK, it got the job done, but that was about it.

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    I have the RP250, and the RP55 is similiar- my opinion on it is quite positive, the effects alone are quite good and you don't have to turn on the amp/cab sim.

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    Save up a little more money and get a used Boss GT-6 or GT-8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    Save up a little more money and get a used Boss GT-6 or GT-8.

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