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Thread: DR's latest adventure in stompbox ordering...

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    DR's latest adventure in stompbox ordering...

    In a flash of inspiration, I just moved my chorus pedal from the front of the amp, where it was mostly just getting used for a subtle stereo effect, to the effect out of my DD3. So, this mean the signal basically goes guitar>>>POD>>>delay, then the direct out goes to the main amp, and the effect out goes into the chorus pedal, then a volume pedal for blending, then a second amp, which is just used for echos. Adding chorus to the echoes sounds absolutely massive, for textural clean stuff, or long sustain-y lead lines, and keeps the core sound MUCH clearer than putting the chorus in line with the main signal would.

    Seriously try it, especially if you hate regular chorus sounds!!!

    Oh...and before anyone says it, I'm aware most modern effects units have modulated delay sounds built in. It's just very cool being able to turn the modulation on and off.
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    I also like doing this with a flanger.

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    A lot of delays have loops now too. So there's a delay insert jack, and you can put whatever on the delay line only. If you don't come back to the return, then it's a delay only out. If you do, then it's all coming out of the delay pedal's output.

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