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    Let's Talk Tuners!

    Recently I've been raising my standards of what's "in tune". I've used stomp boxes and handheld tuners for all of my guitar playing career but I've ready to take it to the next level.

    I'm looking for something that is
    -easy to use
    -between $200-300
    -can be used to accurately intonate guitars and basses (in non concert tunings as well)

    I would like something that I could use in the studio as well as live. The one I'm most strongly considering is the peterson strobostomp v2. I would buy it at the moment, but I can't quite tell if it has all the same features as the strobo rackmount or the stroboflip. I vastly prefer the pedal format, but if the others are superior feature wise I would rather have those. I've also heard concerns about the durability of the strobostomps, if you anyone can elaborate on this point I would be most appreciative.

    Are there any other ultra-accurate tuners within the $200-300 pricepoint that I should consider?

    What are all you pro guys using in the studio?

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    I have a Strobostomp and it's one of the best investments i've made. It's quick enough to use on stage, and accurate enough to set your intonation by. At ▒0.1 cent, it's 10x more accurate than the closest competitor. If i tune with anything else, it's just no longer satisfactory.

    What features of the rackmount version were you looking at?

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    IIRC the flip and rack version have a mic for tuning acoustic, and support more instruments. That probably won't effect you at all, though.

    I use the StroboStomp 2 to tune six and seven string electrics, six and twelve string acoustics, and mandolin. I have been completely satisfied with it in almost every way (the battery holder door is chintzy as hell). It is easy to use, insanely accurate, awesome for intonation setups, works great as a DI, and is an invaluable tool for recording. There are parts on the Division disc where we were retuning between different parts, simply because that tuner highlighted the tiny differences in intonation between two different instruments. It was especially effective in helping us to get disparate scale lengths (25.5" and 27") to sounds great together. The sweetened tunings are outstanding. The separate patches for the primary and secondary string sets on a 12-string do an amazing job compensating for the difference in time and force of attack between the strings in a pair.

    I cannot say enough good things about that tuner. Buy it.
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    I like my Strobo Flip quite a bit for the most part, but I'm actually thinking of trying out a Turbo Tuner if they ever get the ST-122 back in stock. It's supposed to be five times as accurate as the Peterson, which is pretty damn accurate, and the big selling point to me is the extremely fast and accurate tracking (which I sometimes have some problems with when using the Peterson).

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    I had a Strobostomp II in my live bass rig and loved it. No one else could tune on it, though, as it does take some getting used to, and some patience, since it's very accurate I ended up selling it recently to fund some other gear purchases, as I'm mainly doing acoustic gigs and home recording and find that my pocket tuner, plugin tuners, and the tuner built into the POD X3, combined with my own ears, are accurate enough for what I need. The Strobostomp is absolutely the best pedal tuner I've ever used, but I found that I'd tune and intonate something with a cheaper tuner and my own ears, and then plug into the Strobostomp and find that I got it 9 times out of 10, and imagining tuning a 12-string acoustic with the Strobostomp on stage gave me the willies

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