So, I'm getting the pickup in my acoustic installed properly, and having a second strap peg installed on the heel while they're at it, so I'll need a strap for it. I can't use my go-to (the Clip-Lok), obviously, so I'll need something different. I'm pretty sure I don't want leather, partly because I've never been a fan, but mostly because I want something that can fold up into the case easily and leather's a bit stiff, especially when new. Also most leather straps are boring looking.

So, I'm on the hunt, and I want something different. There's so many great t-shirt companies out there, why is no one making unique/hilarious/nerdy/whatever guitar straps? I'll be looking around the local shops too, but I was kind of hoping to find something odd-ball that no one else around here will have

Worst case scenario, I'll end up with another Planet Waves (have one on my bass, which has strap locks, and it's comfortable and reliable), but I thought this would be a good opportunity to see what other people have found.