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Thread: Some uberschall questions..

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    Some uberschall questions..

    Hello everyone,

    So it looks like I finally have enough money for buying a used uberschall.

    I never played one but always loved the tone I've heard from it in alot of different samples and videos, it's abit weird to like an amp without playing on it but I just like the uberschall low end and the bogner's slightly compressed overall sweet rich mids with the sweeten highs.

    There's a certain tone I'm aiming to and I wanna be sure I'm getting the right uberschall for me, so here are some questions:

    1. I read about the differences between the revisions, soundwise, but I couldnt really understand, does the revision blue sound alot more brighter than the regular version?

    I like the tone on stone sour, sikth, alice in chains, will one of the ubers wont get into this area? I know I wont go for the twin jet because I'm an el34 guy.

    2. I know on some revisions you dont have an fx loop switch? which revisions are having the fx loop button on the footswitch?

    3. I've heard that the loop is abit problematic to use without loosing the sound of the amp when being engaged, what's your experience with that?

    4. How does the amp sounds in bedroom volumes? I mean, very high bedroom volumes?

    5. Is it hard to tweak the amp to work for rhythm\lead playing?


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    Do. Not. Buy. One. Without trying it first.

    I played a used one at a GC with a Loomis sig Hellraiser. HOLY SHIT. It has low end grind in spades. It makes you feel like the king of the universe. Amazing clarity under gobs of gain.

    I can't comment on 1-3. I would say I was playing at bedroom and then (thanks, Mr. Guitar Center Employee) LOUD bedroom volumes, and it was excellent. I did not believe it was hard to tweak the amp between rhythm and lead tones at all.

    I didn't care one bit for the clean tones, but that's just my . Still, I think it's a bit of a niche amplifier instead of an all-around great amp. I think it deserves to be played and felt by you before you get too excited about it.
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    Well honestly I'm not searching for the "do it all" amp.

    My rivera knucklehead reverb is an amp like that and all I care about is that I'm not happy enough with the gain channels.

    I'm searching for a certain sound that I'm pretty positive only the uberschall can produce.

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    I don't have hands on experience with anything buy the Bogner Alchemist, I wasn't impressed with the Alchemist, but the Ubershall and all the other "real" Bogners what i've heard are Amazing. I have yet to hear a complaint about them. A lot of guys really like the Bogner Fish as well, which I see on ebay quite often, they're expensive but they're on there... That could be an option as well, if you don't have a power amp, you could use the Rivera's power section.

    Here's a Big amp shootout that has a Fish, Alchemist, XTC, and Ubershall Twin Jet.

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    Well the rivera is meant to be sold.
    And the fish looks like it's in the same price like a new uberschall,
    I mean, it's nice to have 3 channels but I'd probably rather go with the uber.

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