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Thread: Help on picking a tube amp...

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    Help on picking a tube amp...

    hello... Glad to be back guys, again with another useless question. I am looking for an amp to buy... A tube amp, for metal, all kinds, death, black, Any metal at all. But I am on a budget, as some of you may know, so I need to get a good one for a low price for home practice and possibly gigging...

    I went to my local Sam ash, and tried out a few amps. I found a Bugera 6262 for a pretty cheap price, about $549.99, and their Speaker cabinet is $249.99. The tone was ok, but I didnt krank it, which is where the real metal tone is. I heard some sound clips of it kranked and man it was pretty damn heavy. I Have pedals as well so the FX loop is a bonus. I was thinkin about gettin this amp, and retubing it with a High gain Tube set From Eurotubes, specifically made for this amp, and buying a Sound Attenuator(If anybody knows one thats good and cheaper then the THD Hot plate, please let me know).

    I also tried the Blackstar HT-20 Studio and i was able to krank it in the store because it wasnt Too loud, but of course i couldnt krank it all the way lol. But i Really liked the sound of it(Kranked) and It was small and compact and really nice... Not loud for a gig tho but still great for home. I was thinkin bout gettin some high gain tubes from eurotubes for this one as well(does anyone know if its fixed or adustable bias?)

    I looked at(Not tried) a peavey Valveking 100 as well, and i liked its look, but idk if its a good metal head or not. If anyone can recommend any peavey's tat would be nice.

    I originally wanted an Engl fireball but its WAY out of my budget because I still need the cab. My budget is about 1000 or less sadly for an amp... I dont know which one I want or am leaning toward... if anybody has any ideas or suggestions please let me know... What do you all think? Is a bugera's price worth it or is it a piece of junk? Is the blackstar nice and brutal enough? Does a peavey valveking knock the others away in the dirt?

    Thank you all for your kind help

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    Go with a used 6505 or 5150 (400 - 600) and a used cab to match (orange / vader / est..) can usually be found for about 500 - 600 used as well.

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    I must point out that you would be mic'd at any gig worth playing, so that HT-20 that sounds good would in fact cut it for gigging .

    What tones are you going for? It sounds like you may be better off with a quality modeler and one of the atomic powered cabs perhaps (you said all kinds of metal, amps generally do well in 1-3 categories..except there's at least 10 "types" of metal to play)
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    Yeah, your needs if you're in a progressive metal band are going to be very different than if you're playing trve black metal.

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    I believe that it's kvlt black metal

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    i'd advise against the bugera. i'd get a 6505 and a 2x12
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    Well ok... If i am in a band, I will probably playing Death metal or black metal, around types of music like Suffocation, Cradle of filth, Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir, stuff like tat... Maybe I should have said this in the first place lol. Wat you all think?

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    In that price range, the used 5150 or 6505 head with a 2x12 is probably best. I wasn't quite as impressed with the Blackstar HT-20 as I am with the HT-5.
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