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    NGD: X marks the spot.

    Spotted this on craigslist with the HSC for a great price, so I took the plunge.

    First impressions: I hate the Edge III. I'm still setting it up, so I will give it time. The upper register clearance isn't great either. The front strap button really should be behind the neck heel as opposed to the little horn.

    I normally play 22 fret S Series, so playing this is like moving from a one bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house. The fretboard seems like a mile long, and this thing sticks out way too far.

    Having said all that, I highly recommend this guitar for Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, and anyone else with the stage presence of a donut. Once you stand up with a shape like this, it just brings out the metal moves. I almost want to mosh when I have this thing on.

    If I end up keeping it, I'm sure I'll either have to shave my head bald or wear my long hair wig. One just has to look the part to play a guitar like this. One thing's for sure: This is my first reverse headstock guitar, but it won't be my last.

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    I love those guitars

    I must ask though, why the hate for the Edge III? Once you adjust the small allen wrench bolt on the whammy bar hole, the trem is pretty amazing I feel.

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    I played a few of those, and I really liked them.

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    My hate is completely unfounded, as I haven't put it through the paces yet. Just a first impression. I'm hoping I'll love it.

    It's just new to me, it looks cheap, and I am a creature of habit. Then again, it is just a $500 guitar from Indonesia

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    Nice. Moving the strap button to the inside of the upper horn, like a Jackson Warrior, works a lot better. Also, since yours is an older model, you might want to move the rear button to the inner part of the "v".

    The EdgeIII is pretty bad, IMO. OFR.

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    Yeah, the edge III could be a lot better. I don't like the rubber bushing system. Flutters are utterly impossible, since the floppy trem bar and rubber bushing absorb and dissipate all the energy generated when you flick the bar. It's works well for most other applications, but still feels way too stiff. If i felt like forking out $200 per guitar, I'd probably get a couple OFR pros and call it a day.
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