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    Wireless problem

    So i've solved the problem with my 2:90, and it sounds amazing. Now, I have a Line 6 x2 wireless that I absolutely love. When I use the wireless with the 2:90, I get this hideous hum that doesn't go away. It can't be the wireless cable cause it's a mogami with a neutrik connector, and it was just fine before I switched power amps. When I use a regular cable and bypass the wireless, there is no hum. One thing I discovered is that when I go from the wireless output into the rear input of the axe, the hum is there, but its much lower in volume and more manageable. What's more unfortunate is the tone is worse. Anybody got any ideas/solutions? My tone is so beast now, but is it too much to ask to have amazing tone and still be able to thrash around all over the stage?

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    1) The tone at Input 2 (rear) on the Axe should not be "worse." Something else is wrong there. EDIT: Check the global and I/O settings to make sure you don't have mic or cab sims or anything else set differently between the two.

    2) Did you have this exact same setup (rack positions, wiring layout) when you used your QSC?
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    Do you have the wireless receiver and amp plugged into the same power source? Are you using a power conditioner? Have you got the output levels on the wireless set correctly?

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    IIRC there's something "special" about the front input on the Axe that isn't replicated on the back inputs. At least from what I remember when I was reading the Axe Forums on a regular basis. Not sure what the remedy would be to correct that issue.
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    Sounds to me like you might have a bad cable going from the Wireless to the Axe Fx. I would also try a different channel on your wireless. I am running a X2 wireless as well and I don't have this problem at all. Also, are you running the wireless receiver off an AC adapter or a battery (mine will run off either) your might want to try to run the receiver off a battery if you haven't tried that yet. Pay close attention to where your lines of power are in comparison to your signal cables. That can cause some nasty hum as well. I hope that helps.

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