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    carbon copy

    since the day I purchased this pedal I was completely happy with it. its the most smoothest sounding delay have ever heard.

    like I said before, I run it through the effects loop, because it sounds better the in front in my opinion.. when i jam at practice or at home, it seems to just slightly cut my volume when I activate it. I can live with that

    now, I just played 2 gigs with this pedal live and when I activate it when my amp is miced up, I hear a dramatic drop in volume through the monitors on stage.

    when I played the last show it drove me nuts, to the point were I just didn't click it on at all. its killing me because we have parts to were I need a delay sound.

    I know there has to be away to stop this from happening. the only thing I can think of is putting a maximizer or an EQ in front of it, in the loop chain.

    what do guy's think of that option? i just hope my tone is not compromised when using a EQ or maximizer.

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    MXR/CAE line driver before it?

    Honestly, that's what happens when you put most stompbox-style pedals in an effects loop. They're not optimized for that signal level.
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    thanks for reply. will it kill my tone? what does that pedal do?

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