How do you run your axe-fx?

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  • Effects return loop of amp+Guitar cab

    1 3.13%
  • Flat frequency response power amp+guitar cab

    1 3.13%
  • Frfr setup

    9 28.13%
  • Noodles

    15 46.88%
  • Other

    2 6.25%
  • Tube Power amp + cab, plus also direct line out for recording

    4 12.50%
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Thread: How do you run your axe-fx?

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    ME: Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod
    Rig: Jet City JCA5012C

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    How do you run your axe-fx?

    I will hopefully be getting an axe-fx ultra within the next few months, I want to use it as my main tone source but I'm still undecided how to run it as far as power and speakers go. There would be three situations I use it in, silent direct recording to my laptop, at band practice with my drummer other guitar players half stack and bassist, and at live shows running through the house system pa. One approach I was considering is getting one of the powered atomic cabs and going the frfr approach but my only concern is it being loud enough and projecting at band practices against a full drum kit and the other half stack. The other approach is to use my existing 412ms cab and run into the effects return of my 6505+ but my concern with that is coloring the tone and losing the portability factor, having to still lug around a half stack.

    That being said, those axe-fx users out there, how do YOU run your rig?

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    Join Date: Aug 2010
    Location: Cyprus
    ME: LTD EX360/SchecterC7
    MA: Ovation 1778TX
    Rig: Axe FX II / Fratomic

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    I run my Ultra through my Atomic Monoblock and Atomic passive cab and I couldn't be happier. I had my reservations at first but after spending some time with it I fell in love with it. It sounds great at low and loud volumes, and it can get pretty LOUD if you want it to! Even though I'm not in a band, I'm sure it will be loud enough for a full band practice. I haven't cranked it all the way yet because I didn't really have a reason to, at least for the time being

    It's pretty light to carry as well, which is a big plus for gigs

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    Location: Victoria, BC
    ME: KxK customs
    Rig: Verellen Amps

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    direct for recording, with a power amp and stereo cab for live.

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    Join Date: May 2010
    Location: Portland, OR
    ME: Les Paul
    MA: Les Paul
    MB: Les Paul
    Rig: Mini Rec

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    Two Atomics > one 4x12 in terms of volume, and they have less directionality. One Atomic is probably more like a really badass 2x12, though again with great spread.
    Making metal every night and day.

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    Location: Boston, MA
    ME: EBMM JP6 / JP7
    MA: Martin DC-1E
    Rig: Axe-Fx II XL

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    4x12 overall sound > wedge sound.

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    Join Date: Mar 2009
    Location: Texas
    ME: Strictly 7 Anaconda
    Rig: Axe Fx-> 2:90-> Mesa cab

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    I run mine into a 2:90 with the deep and modern modes engaged into a Mesa cab. Sounds fucking insane

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    Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
    ME: KxK BSG7
    Rig: VHT GP3>Axe FX>VHT 2/90/2

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    Effects only with a separate pre-amp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattofvengeance View Post
    I run mine into a 2:90 with the deep and modern modes engaged into a Mesa cab. Sounds fucking insane
    See, I'm thinking about doing this... How do you do deep and modern at the same time?

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